BERND SPIER, Memphis Tennessee, 1964

I´ve been really busy these past weeks with work so I haven´t been able to meet my Thursday deadlines recently. Sorry for all of you who come here regularly to find no new posts. I´m trying to work on it.

A bunch of cover versions this week . I already posted another one of Bernd Spier ´s records last year here. He covers two Chuck Berry tunes on this one. Ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel is a pretty accurate German translation of No Particular Place To Go, but without any of the sexual connotations of Chuck Berry´s original. This is a pretty common record here in Germany but that shouldn´t make it any less enjoyable.

Yea, before you laugh about this,  wait til you heard the rest of this week´s cover versions. It gets waaaay worse…

BERND SPIER, Memphis Tennessee, 1964

BERND SPIER, Ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel,  1964


2 Comments on “BERND SPIER, Memphis Tennessee, 1964”

  1. michaelvee says:

    …what do ya mean by waaaaay worse….? exactly what I needed for this weekend….! thanks a lot!


  2. mischalke04 says:

    Bad is good in my book.

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