LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Twenty O´Clock Rock, 1962

I bought this record together with a whole bunch of other Polish beat and rock´n´roll 45´s on a trip to Warsaw two years ago. Eddie Cochran´s Twenty Flight Rock and Ronnie Hawkins Forty Days interpreted phonetically both in the title and in the singing by Janusz Godlewski, who also played with the popular Polish beat groups Czwerwono-Czarni and Tajfuny. I swear I was singing and speaking English like that before I started to learn English in 5th grade, just imitating the sound from the American and British pop music I heard on the radio.

Nevertheless this is pretty rockin´, way better than for example Peter Kraus´ schmaltzy German version of Bluejean Bop (Susi-Rock) or most German 50´s rock´n´roll for that matter.

And way funnier…

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Twenty O´Clock Rock, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Forty Days, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Good Luck Charm, 1962

LUXEMBURG-COMBO, Such A Night, 1962

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