TONI KECZER, Dzien Dla Ciebie, 1966

I want to express my deepest sympathy for the recent tragedy that our Polish neighbors have suffered from, the death of their president Lech Kaczynski and dozens of other officials. Greetings to all the very  nice people I met in Warsaw and I hope to see you soon. My heart is with you.

Ostberlin Beatet Besseres has already done a condolence post a couple of days ago but I´m so busy with work right now that didn´t get to it earlier.

Toni Keczer and Czerwono-Czarni:

Dzin Dla Ciebie, 1966

TONI KECZER, Z Toba, Tyklo Z Toba, 1966


TONI Cezcer, Szczecinska Noc, 1966



A mixed bag of records this week: Polish beat, British beat, the (German) king of the slop, communist propaganda, private weirdness and some of the usual Berlin-related music. Most of them I found in the last two weeks. I have a whole box of old records that are still waiting to be posted but fresh finds always seem a little more interesting.

As you noticed I finally found out how to install the little audio player that WordPress offers. It only took me three  years to learn how to use a simple HTML shortcode. Still I´m quite proud of myself for that because I learned it without the help of others. All by myself! I also now use Dropbox  for file sharing because it seems that my other hosts will soon  run out of bandwidth again this month. But Dropbox works just the same as the others.

This is probably the best song this week, the Chancellors from Manchester on the Swiss Elite Special label. I found it last week  in a local thrift store for one Euro. It looks pretty beat-up and there´s a little hiss in the first ten seconds but besides that it plays pretty good. The drum-intro on My Girl copies the Rivieras California Sun but its a whole different song.

A great fast-paced rocker!


THE CHANCELLORS, Jenny Jenny, 1965

MIKE ROGER AND HIS MACHINE GUNS, Dance the slop with me, 1963

I´ve had this record for a long time but only last week I found another one of Mike Roger 45´s so it makes sense to post them together.  The German Rock´n´Roll Records Forum had the Mike Roger story a while back so I will only copy from what they wrote. Mike Roger´s real name was Hermann Glöckler and he was from Nürnberg, Bavaria. His backing band the Machine Guns were actually a Indo-Rock group, Indonesian born musicians from Holland. Let´s Slop hit #10 of the German charts in 1963, making Mike Roger briefly the German “King Of The Slop”.

The small Abanola label was started by a friend of  Mike Roger, Heinz Schiegl, because he loved the group so much. They shortly ran into legal trouble with Ariola who threatened to sue them because of the similarity of the name and was then changed into Abanori. The change hurt the sales of the follow-up Veedeboom Slop Slop but at least Tony Sheridan recorded a version of that song for Polydor.

Mike Roger later  recorded for Ariola and Polydor himself, but to little success. He continued to play the local scene until his death in 1980. A privately pressed LP of his hits was released posthumously in 1984.

So here´s Mr. Slop from Germany: Mike Roger and the Machine Guns!

“Come on baby make me happy, Come on tanz den Slop mit mir!”


MIKE ROGER AND HIS MACHINE GUNS, Dance the slop with me, 1963



MIKE ROGER AND THE MACHINE GUNS, Ich bin so verrückt nach dir, 1963

I bought this 45 last week for one Euro. The label looks pretty bad but it plays good. Ich bin so verrückt nach dir (I´m so crazy about you) sounds more like 50´s Rock´n´Roll. It features  the same fake English accent that Mike Roger was known for. And of course his sloppin´…

“Ich bin so verrückt nach dir,  oh baby tanz den Slop mit mir. Denn du tanzt so wonderful und das macht mich vor Liebe toll.”

MIKE ROGER AND THE MACHINE GUNS, Ich bin so verrückt nach dir, 1963


BOB GERRY, Baby-Twist, 1962

Der Liebestraum als Twist is the craziest and fastest German twist song ever and Bob Gerry recorded the craziest and fastest version of  it for the budget label Baccarola. I´ve always loved the over-the-top wackiness of that version. I posted the record two years ago  here but also wrote about Der Liebestraum and Christian Bruhn , the original artist that recorded it, two weeks ago in my weekly Jungle World column here. My article ended with the sentence: whatever became of Bob Gerry is unknown. I´ve had the record for 30 years and never knew who Bob Gerry was.

While browsing in some older articles in the German Rock´n´Roll Records Forum a couple of days ago I read  that  Bob Gerry was one of the pseudonyms that Werner Hass used for his Baccarola label recordings. And then I also got a E-mail from Hartmut who had read both articles and hinted that it wasn´t such a mystery who Bob Gerry really was. There is even some  information about Bob Gerry/Werner Hass in English on this Joe Meek tribute site.  Coincidentally I had written a little bit about Werner Hass in one of my last post .

While answering Hartmut´s mail I realised that I had two more Baccarola Ep´s that feature Bob Gerry. They were sleeveless, sitting in one of the boxes to take to our next Auktion/Destruktion happenings. I obviously never thought too highly of them but now is  a good opportunity to post them.

Baby-Twist was a hit for Will Brandes in 1962. You can hear Will Brandes hilarious German version of the Everly Brothers Wake Up Little Suzie (Wach auf little Susie) over at at the Evil Pain Clown blog.

Now Bob Gerry´s Baby-Twist ain´t so bad. Its nothing like his killer version of Liebestraum but its still a cute little twistin´tune…

BOB GERRY, Baby-Twist, 1962

BOB GERRY, Kleiner Gonzales, 1962

Another one of Bob Gerry´s  budget label versions of hit songs. Kleiner Gonzales ist the German version of Pat Boone´s Speedy Gonzales originally recorded by Rex Gildo. This is the only half-decent song on this EP.  Believe me you don´t really need to hear the rest of the schmaltz…

BOB GERRY, Kleiner Gonzales, 1962

DIE JOHNSON-BROTHERS, Das ist prima, 1959

Das ist prima (That´s neat) is a German version of  Oh! My Goodness by the Kalin Twins, who sound like the Everly Brothers on this one. 

I bought the record at the fleamarket last Saturday, three singles for two Euros. This is on the German supermarket label Opera, that released the German version of  Tutti Frutti that I posted some weeks ago. I know there was more rock´n´roll on the Opera label, but that´s all I´ve got.

Maybe some  day one of the collectors at the German Rock´n´Roll Records Forum will share it with the rest of the world…

DIE JOHNSON-BROTHERS, Das ist prima, 1959

DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

I have no information about Drago Petan but the name sounds like it could be Slovenian. Recorded for the small local Berlin independent label Metropol that still exists today. Joe und Rosemarie is a typical German cowboy song. Written by Fred Oldörp of  The 3 Travellers. The flip is about homesickness and sounds a little more authentic than those Freddy tear-jerkers.

I bought this last week in a thrift store and frankly only for the sleeve. I´m still searching for the slop records that are listed on the back. Akki Hamann´s  Slop in Bahia/ Hallo Mr. Lover sounds kinda cool…

DRAGO PETAN, Joe und Rosemarie, 1964

DRAGO PETAN, So wie´s zu Hause war, 1964