BOB BURROWS, I´m A Skunk, 1980

I´m A Skunk sounds like Oingo Boingo, kinda between new wave and punk. Like a lot of punk novelty records this was more  punk than a lot of real punk records were. It´s still more stupid, more silly and more strange than most punk records today. The sleeve  also is a strange affair, it doesn´t give away what kind of music might be on the record. It´s probably also one of the reasons why it flopped and why I couldn´t find out anything about the record on the internet. The German Hansa label still is a treasure trove of forgotten music because they put out so many weird one-off records.

And they knew it…

BOB BURROWS, I´m A Skunk, 1980

BOB BURROWS, Strange Affair, 1980


One Comment on “BOB BURROWS, I´m A Skunk, 1980”

  1. Dave Jones says:

    I once made a track with Bob in 1982 called “where was mama when the wattr broke out”

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