ERIC BLAKE, 80´s Girl, 1981

Just to add some “good” music, I had this record digitized and scanned a couple of weeks ago and wanted to post it together with the other 80´s records.  Since then the Short Sharp Kick In The Teeth blog beat me to it and posted these songs before I did.  I swear, before that there was no trace of the record on the internet. At least this German release has a diffrent sleeve so I´m going to post it anyway. The British EP  has one additional song and a much nicer glossy gatefold sleeve.

Eric Blake were from Essex and as the info says their lead singer Julie Harding was 17 years old at the time. Other group members were Alan Baker, Ian McKenzie and Mick Fanning. 80´s Girl is a nice catchy powerpop song whereas Born To Be Special is poppy ska.

ERIC BLAKE, 80´s Girl, 1981

ERIC BLAKE, Born To Be Special, 1981


4 Comments on “ERIC BLAKE, 80´s Girl, 1981”

  1. Ian mckenzie says:

    To be honest we were wannabe new wave band to start with but our record company,publishers and management wanted us to do this tune (born to be special). We agreed and tried make it sound between the Police/ska and ‘new romantic ‘

  2. wardy says:

    Check out the band’s other UK single, “Sin City”, also issued on Carrere.
    Well worth checking out and much better than ‘Born To Be Special’ in my opinion.

  3. Keith says:

    I liked the B side to Sin City – Zero 6 (a local disco).

  4. Andrew says:

    I used to go the Eric Blake rehearsals. They released a single before 80’s Girl called Sin City. That’s when Bob Timms was in the band on lead guitar. Bob also played on the 80’s Girl sessions but wasn’t pictured or officially credited on the sleeve, as he left the band before release.. he does appear in the Notes though.

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