Musical Chairs

After caring so much about the works of other artists here, I figured it´s about time I  also showed  some of my own stuff.  Eine deutsche Version dieses Comics findest du hier.

This album is probably the earliest Star Club re-issue compilation. All the groups featured on it have played at the Star Club, but only a few are live recordings like Little Richard´s Good Golly Miss Molly.  It´s nothing compared to “Jerry Lee Lewis live at the Star Club” ,  still one of the best rock´n´roll live albums ever recorded. That album has been re-issued recently on 180 gr vinyl by Bear Family Records. Yeah, Bear Family is finally doing vinyl again! If  you´re a rock´n´roll fan and if you don´t already own it, get it now. It´s one of the albums that you can take to your grave.

10 Comments on “Musical Chairs”

  1. Troy McClure says:

    Nice comics! You really should sell a book version of your childhood, Andreas. It’s very well drawn, nice color combinations, light and dark, and the story is fun to follow. Maybe you already have done this? Anyway, I enjoyed it. The picture of your teenager self looks like a cross between Ricky Nelson and Cliff Richard. I think it’s the haircut and ‘ted rocker’ drainpipes and big black shoes? I think your mom sounds really cool to have used the Star Club LP as backing for your parties as a kid. My childhood heroes were also people from the past: Elvis, Dick Dale, the Beatles, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, and Cliff Richard, mainly because of his song “Move It” which I used to crank at full volume from an “Early British Rock ‘n Roll” double LP that I had on Sire, bought in 1976. But when I tried to dress like the early rockers in school, wearing old pegged trousers and shirts like your illustration, and greasing my hair back with vaseline (all I could find in 1976 before Tenax and Nu Nile) I got teased and threatened to be beat up by the tougher guys. They called me “Elvis” but it was NOT a compliment. Others just called me a ‘greaser’ or a ‘oldies weirdo’. Good times! Funny that when the eighties decade came along, my style became more ‘edgy’ and ‘cool’. I got this Nederland group when I visited London who stopped me to say: “Sorry to bother you, but my girlfriend thinks you look just like James Dean.” This time it was a compliment. I jokingly told them that I was going more for a ‘lead singer of Orange Juice group look’.

    I agree with you that the Jerry Lee Lewis Star Club performance really rocks! It’s one of the best live shows I own, up there with Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent doing “White Lightnin'” with the Vernons Girls, in early 1960 (Boy Meets Girls Show).

    I listened to the “Good Golly Miss Molly” track and was wondering: Is this Little Richard performing at the Star Club? When the Beatles backed him in 1962? Or another visit? Also, who is the German group doing a cover of Johnny Kidd’s “Shakin’ All Over”? Thanks.


  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks, glad you like the story.
    Back then I did my pompadour with hairspray, looooots of hairspray. But even when it was hard as concrete, it completely fell apart when I got in the rain…

    I always thought it was Little Richard performing live at the Star Club, but it´s not. Although Star Club Records did release a Little Richard single in 1964 and a LP in 1965, the only live recordings that were released by Philips at the time were the “Twist im Star Club” LP (featuring Sounds Inc., The Rattles, The Travellers, The Searchers and The Star Combo) and the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis LP. Actually Philips did also record a full show of Gene Vincent performing at the Star Club, but it was not released because of legal problems. Sadly the tapes got lost.

    Shakin´All Over is by the Lords from Berlin.

  3. baikinange says:

    Great stuff, I really enjoyed the story.

  4. KellyP says:

    I am also wondering if your comics are available anywhere–loved this one.

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Most of my books are available trough Reprodukt , sadly all of them are in German. But I´ll be posting lots more comics here in the future.

  6. Ilias says:

    You finally did it !!!!
    Well done Andreas! These drawings of the story of your contact with the rock ‘n’ roll music are really amusing, congenial and sweet!
    It’s definitely a cool new aspect of your terrific blog!
    Ι’m very content that they will be continued! :)
    Grüße aus Athen

  7. Susi T. says:

    cool, die Platte habe ich als Kind auch oft gehört, aber in den achzigern,
    und es später aber oft verheimlicht…”Also ich habe als Kind schon ausschließlich Punk und HC gehört” :).

    Danke für diesen blog!!!
    und auch für die Reihe in der Jungle World
    es gibt also noch mehr menschen die musik anders hören,
    aber sonst sympatisch sind…
    ich bin froh, dass ich deine sammlung von Singles noch nicht im reallife gesehen habe. (neid!)

  8. mischalke04 says:

    Vielen Dank! Es ist echt eine ganz gute Platte. Aber neidisch musst du nicht sein auf meine Sammlung. Es ist nur unheimlich viel Zeug. Die meisten Leute stehen nur davor und schütteln den Kopf. Die Wenigsten würden sich damit zuhause die Regale voll machen. Wenn ich tot bin, kommt alles wieder auf den Trödel…

  9. Bhob says:

    Very appealing comics! Look forward to more.


  10. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks a lot! I´m a big fan of your blog.
    I guess I´ll have to hurry up now to finish my next page quick…

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