ROSY ROSY, 100% Polyester, 1981

“No cult records” was what I promised last time but Rosy Rosy  is as  close as it gets to a German cult artist. However, this record has never been re-released as far as I know, so I guess I´m still true to my guidelines.

Rosemarie Heinikel , born 1949,  is a German actress, singer and author. Calling herself  Rosy Rosy  she became an icon of German subculture.  Like  Uschi Obermeier, she lived in a commune, befriended Donovan and Frank Zappa, did some early coffee-table book porn (Softgirls, 1970) and wrote her first autobiography Rosy Rosy in 1971. She sang with krautrockers Guru Guru and in 1968 recorded her first single with “The Inner Space”, produced by Irmin Schmidt, one of the founders of  Can.

I haven´t read any of her autobiographies, this is just translated from her German Wikipedia, but her credentials are as cool as you could get in Germany at the time.  The cult group “The Inner Space” shortly developed into Can. Their complete output has been re-released last year on CD and 180gr vinyl by Wah Wah Records.

In 1981 she wrote the lyrics and the music to these two introspective songs,  produced by Achim Reichel of Rattles fame. A little bit on the Nico side of singing she reflects sarcastically about her role as a sex-symbol.

And what a hottie she was and I bet still is…

ROSY ROSY, 100% Polyester, 1981

ROSY ROSY, Erste Liebe, 1981


5 Comments on “ROSY ROSY, 100% Polyester, 1981”

  1. Tom says:

    schrecklich, grausam, herrlich…..
    auch wenn der Polyester-Link kaputt ist….
    mach mal heile (auch wenn ich mir den schon zurecht gefummelt hab, aber andere sind vielleicht nicht zu futzelig drauf)

    Dein Star Club Comic oben ist goil!!!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Vielen Dank!
    Bei mir funktioniert der Link allerdings einwandfrei.

  3. eigenvalue says:

    “Erste Liebe” scheint mir eine Adaptation des Kurt-Weill-Songs “Surabaya Johnny” zu sein:

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Stimmt, der Refrain ist geklaut. Schön, daß hier auch kulturell gebildete Leute mitlesen. Und gut hinhören…

  5. Rosyband says:

    Rosyband says:

    eigenvalue kommt der Sache ziemlich nahe.

    Dennoch sei gesagt:

    Auf Rosy’s Text-Blatt stand hinter dem Titel “Erste Liebe” immer: (frei nach Brecht).

    War damit also jedem, der ihn las, bereits vor als auch während der Studio-Produktion klar.

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