BERNHARD FRANK, Über die Brücken von Venedig, 1965

küsse-labelAs you might have noticed, I´ve taken a little break from this site lately, because…  because I felt like it. After all, it is a lot of work scanning and digitizing the records and it´s not like they absolutely need to be heard anyway. My main ambition still is to put material (mostly obscure German records that are easy to grab for everybody at flea markets and thrift shops)  on the Internet for the first time. But for now, nobody really seems to want to take over that job, probably because obviously this stuff is not worth most serious record collectors time. So here I am again…

Well, sometimes I do find records that are not so bad, or even great like this one. Bernhard Frank is not unknown to followers of this blog,  I´ve posted a bunch of  records by this forgotten Berlin musician in the past. Like I´ve said many times, he only wrote good songs. These two schlager-beat tunes might not stand the test of hardcore beat fans but I  love them. The ballad on the  flip side “Über den Brücken von Venedig” (Over the bridges of Venice) is a beautiful organ driven love song, while “Küsse von mir” (Kisses from me) is a fine easygoing schlager-beat stroller.


Interpop and Derby were two small Berlin sister labels that produced mostly pop and schlager records in the early to mid-60´s. Like Bernhard Frank they seem to have vanished into nowhere…

BERNHARD FRANK, Über die Brücken von Venedig, 1965

BERNHARD FRANK, Küsse von mir, 1965

7 Comments on “BERNHARD FRANK, Über die Brücken von Venedig, 1965”

  1. kalli says:

    ob sich die ärzte mit “du willst mich küssen” inhaltlich an bernhard franks “küsse von mir” orientiert haben…?
    auf meinem blog gibts ein paar fotos von erlangen:
    hat wieder sehr viel spaß gemacht, bis spätestens zum nächsten mal in 2 jahren. ;)
    grüße, kalli

  2. baikinange says:

    I know it’s hard to keep up a blog….there are some days I look at the remaining albums I bought for 50 cents each and think….why? Then I find some new crap music and get re-energized and I keep going. I think of some of my all-time favorites that I have found here and am grateful that you do this. Really. But if it’s a chore, I suppose I will understand if you have to stop. But I will cry into my pillow EVERY NIGHT!!!

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Thank you for your support. You´re blog is still the best when it comes to digging up obscure music and the most entertaining when it comes to describing them. There are still so many untapped possibilities of doing a music blog, or any blog, and still so much music to discover and records to find. And I still have hundreds of records that I haven´t posted yet. But it is work to do a blog and I know that I should be doing other more important things like drawing and creating comics. Doing this blog has always been an escape from this more pressing work, even if it is a creative escape. But don´t worry, as long as you will keep doing your blog, I will keep going on my side of the Atlantic. Promise. But I might take a little break sometime…

  4. frausieben says:

    oh mein Gott, diese Musik von Bernhard Frank hat es mir echt angetan…
    Ist das peinlich?
    Gibt es diese alten, aber so wundervollen songs vielleicht auch wieder als download? Würde mich sehr begeistern!
    Frau Sieben

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Das ist überhaupt nicht peinlich! Sind doch gute Songs. Downloaden kannst du die zwei jetzt schon, einfach auf den Link klicken und speichern. Leider sind einige alte Titel von divshare verschluckt worden, warum weiß ich auch nicht. Sobald ich dazu komme, lade ich die nochmal hoch und verlinke die neu. Versprochen.

    Alles Liebe

  6. masked marauder says:

    At last!!! Bernie Frank back to front in perfect form, shape and condition. I’m a fool for that man. Thanks and keep waving the Frank flag.

  7. lou says:

    Thanks for puting on the lights these beauty.Long life for your blog.


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