TEROSON, Please Hold The Line, 1966

I pretty much buy any flexible record I can find,  if they are cheap and they usually are and they should be because they were free giveaways to begin with, only used to make people buy some silly product. No matter how rare they are,  I would never pay real money for any of them. The music on most of these records is pretty lame and the advertising is… well, old.  Still, some of the sleeves do look real nice and as silly as that might be, I do buy a lot of records just because they look nice and if they´re as thin as a flexi-disc I can always cram them in somewhere.

This flexible record advertising for Teroson auto polish surprised me however because of the FUZZ GUITAR  that suddenly appears out of nowhere and disappears just as fast. Herman and his gang  sure played a mean fuzz guitar and a pretty squeaky organ too…

TEROSON, Please Hold The Line, 1966

“My Beautiful Car” sounds exactly like Sloop John B. and I bet they never paid the Beach Boys any royalties for it either…

TEROSON, My Beautiful Car, 1966

TEROSON, Eine amüsante Plauderei an der Tankstelle, 1966

2 Comments on “TEROSON, Please Hold The Line, 1966”

  1. Troy McClure says:


    Actually “My Beautiful Car” does sound like “Sloop John B.” but if Teroson were to pay any credits, it should not be to the Beach Boys, but to a West Indies group who wrote the song in 1917! There were many artists who covered this song as it was an old folk tune. Even Dick Dale did a version for his 1962 LP, “Surfer’s Choice” on the Del-Tone label. I prefer Dick Dale’s version to the Beach Boys, BTW. Anyway, the song “Sloop John B.” like “My Bonnie” or “Wimoweh” from South Africans may be so old and in common use that we would refer to a song like this (in the USA at least) as being “in the public domain”.

    Cheers and thanks for posting these,


  2. mischalke04 says:


    Nice to hear from you and I hope your doing fine.
    Thanks, your information is very much appreciated . I always wish I knew my pop history better or to be a litte more thorough with my research, but it´s good that I do have knowledgeable reader to help me out.

    Best wishes

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