DIE CANDY KIDS, Youpi-youpi, 1962

“Youpi-Youpi was a bandit who lived deep down in the forest that´s why his feet always got cold in the wintertime. One day he caught a cold and went into hiding but when he had to sneeze he was found. Youpi-youpi was taken to court and hanged. La la, la la la, la la, la la la. A bandit´s life is not easy. “

DIE CANDY KIDS, Youpi-youpi, 1962

What a sweet little bedtime story, told in rapid twist time by these 12 year olds. The Candy Kids were Dutch-Indonesian brothers Reggie and Raymond Berghahn who first appeared as special guests  of Amsterdam Rock´n´Roll group the Strangers who later changed their name into Danny Angel and the Crescents. From 1961 to 1963 the Candy Kids  managed to record twelve 45´s including two German releases.

There are a couple of photos showing the kids together with the Crescents in this video:

I gathered all this information from the essential Dutch Indorock website. If you don´t already know it, check it out. It is in Dutch but it´s worth  for the really cool photos and record covers alone.

4 Comments on “DIE CANDY KIDS, Youpi-youpi, 1962”

  1. Raymond berghahn says:

    Hello there,

    For a couple of moths ago I gave an interview to a journalist from Moeson, it’s a monthly magazine, they wanted to know waht we are doing for the moment.
    I think this interview wille be in the april magazine.

    Raymond Berghahn (youngest Candy Kid)

  2. Kees Vlaar says:

    Hallo Raymond,toch wel lang geleden , ongeveer 50 jaar!!! Wat ik nog weet (woonde tegenover jullie in Slotervaart) het eten van je moeder,de rode Chevrolet “Bel Air” en dat we zamen eens een koolmicrofoon uit een telefooncel hebben gestolen om een folkguitar electrisch te maken! het intervieuw kan ik niet vinden,ben wel nieuwsgierig.Ik woon al 20 jaar in frankrijk en repareer gitaren! Exp:Kees Vlaar.

  3. Raymond Berghahn says:

    Hoi Kees,

    Waar woon je in Frankrijk, ik ben zelf in het bezit van een aantal gitaren maar nog niet helemaal content over het geluid, misschien dat we hierover van gedachten kunnen wisselen.
    Ik kan je dan ook een exemplaar sturen van het interview in Moesson.
    Ik hoor wel van je.

    Mijn e-mail adres is: adm_knt_hamaker@kpnmail.nl

  4. Glenn Muzerie says:

    Hi Raymond, where do live in Holland or do lived like everybody scattered everywhere. Maybe you don’t know me however, you know my Dad very well. Because he was a good Family friend of your mum and dad. His name is Oom Alex. He was the person who brought you two guys everywhere when you have to perform. I am his son, he might have told you when you were young. My name is Glenn. The reason for me to get in touch with you guys is to hear from you and your brother Reggie. I haven’t heard from you guys for a long long time. I tried to get a hold of your records, however, could not find all of them. I personally lived in Australia. Please write me back. Cheers Glenn

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