THE McWHITES, Sloopy Poopy, 1965

Last week  me and a friend of mine made a little excursion to the south of Berlin. Another fellow collector had told us of a charity shop/ youth center that was selling books and records. He had found the place when visiting his grandmother. It was a area of Berlin I had never visited since I moved here 13 years ago. Small one-story houses with nice gardens lined the streets and no foreigners and no freaks were anywhere in sight. We were very curious about that tip of our friend. How could anything cool be found here?

Surprisingly inside there were thousands of  LP´s and 45´s and of course no other customers. We spent a couple of hours digging though every box and both got away with a nice batch of  45´s. I bought some soul, some beat and some nice oddball  records.

(“The Rotting Stumps” from Go Go comic book Vol.1, No.5, 1967, Charlton Comics)

Over the past years I have posted some other Tempo releases here, here, here, here and here. Tempo was a German cheapo/variety labels that produced mostly cover-versions of current hit songs. It  says on the label that these two songs by the McWhites were originally  British recordings but there was  a “Hang On Sloopy/Sloopy Poopy” 45  by the Rainbows (not the Berlin group) on the Belgian Dino label. If this is the same song, I don´t know.

Anyway,  a funny combination of words:

THE McWHITES, Sloopy Poopy, 1965

THE McWHITES, Satisfaction, 1965

THE BLUE CATS, Hang On Sloopy, 1965

THE McWHITES, New Orleans, 1965

5 Comments on “THE McWHITES, Sloopy Poopy, 1965”

  1. michaelvee says:

    some great finds, Andy, and the Rotten Stumps cover is simply hilarious!!!

    saluti da Milano

  2. masked marauder says:

    Yep, indeed. “Sloopy Poopy” isn’t only the same song, but even the identic track. So these Rainbows (released in Holland as a “German band”, if my memory serves me. Cash-in tactics on “Balla Balla”-success, I guess) in fact were The McWhites. Hm, and I thought Ihad all these Tempo-EPs. Tanks, mate

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks for the info. I had a feeling it could be the same song, because Tempo bought some Belgian stuff for their repertoire.

    Now could somebody please comment on the title Sloopy Poopy?!

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks. The Rotten Stumps comic in that book is pretty good too. If I get to it I´ll post it too.

  5. Jeeves says:

    Interessant, dass der Ausschuss, der Mist von damals (den wir überhaupt nicht beachteten; das war was für die Doofen; speziell diese billigen “Tempo”-Platten) …dass der heute so begehrt ist.
    Ist er’s wirklich? Denn besser geworden sind diese Aufnahmen ja nicht, nur noch absurder: Man schüttelt den Kopf, was es nicht alles gab. Aber auch wenn man in Hundescheiße tritt, kann das ja eine gewisse Faszination haben; zumindest muss man sich damit beschäftigen.

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