THE BLUE CATS, Balla Balla, 1966

Another Tempo EP from the thrift store . If  you´re tired of listening to the original versions by the Stones, Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs and Chris Andrews for the millionth time,  you might enjoy these German beat groups fighting  with the English lyrics.

In the case of Ball Balla, a hit for local Berlin beat group, the Rainbows , the lyrics are simple enough. This little snippet from a Lupo Modern (No. 17, April 20, 1966) comic book explains why Balla Balla became so successful: only 3 percent of all humans can memorize more than two short sentences straightaway. Because there are only two words in this song that are repeated 76 times, it gives people a sense of satisfaction and superiority.

In 1966 Balla Balla hit #3 in the German charts and won the Rainbows a bronze Bravo Otto, right behind the Beatles and the Stones.  At the time the silly novelty song  compromised their credibility with the die-hard beat fans but Balla Balla remains to be one of the most original German  rock´n´roll songs. In 2001 Bear Family has re-released all their cool 60´s beat material, including their equally silly “Kommando Pimperle” and “Rotkarierte Petersilie”. Today “Balla Balla” is still a relatively common German expression. One would say ” Das ist ganz schön balla balla”,  meaning ” That´s pretty nutty”.

Another part of a comic-strip from  Lupo Modern comic book No. 32, 1966:

THE BLUE CATS, Balla Balla, 1966

THE BLUE CATS, Ju Ju Hand, 1966

JAMES MORRIS, Yesterday Man, 1966

THE STARS, Get Off Of My Cloud, 1966


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