DAN MARSHALL, Born Loser, 1969

Another find from the thrift store excursion two weeks ago.  Immediately, when I saw this sleeve, I knew I needed to buy it, regardless of what music would be on the record. The crudely penciled lettering is crying! Now how cool is that.  It looks like a punk record! Well, it´s not, it´s even cooler: Dan Marshall is a singing fire chief!  How this privately pressed 45 from Amlin, Ohio found it´s way to Berlin-Lichterfelde is beyond me.

I googled this record and couldn´t find anything. And I only made up the date for this record,  it could be from anytime in the 70´s. The pants  look  kinda late 60´s, but that´s just a feeling.  I did find a fire chief named Dan Marshall however, this one is from Phoenix, Oregon. There is a similarity between the photo on the back of the sleeve and the photo on the website of the Oregon fire department and they both would fit  in the same age group. But I´m not sure it´s the same person. Of course lots of firemen wear mustaches.  The Oregon fire chief looks much happier than the man on the record sleeve and I would like to believe that after all, it didn´t turn out to be Dan Marshall´s destiny to be a “born loser.

DAN MARSHALL, Born Loser (That´s Me), 1969

DAN MARSHALL, Lesson From A Rose , 1969


5 Comments on “DAN MARSHALL, Born Loser, 1969”

  1. Hello, i just stumble upon your blog while looking for Rita’s 45rpm record. I love your blog and i say so on PCL Linkdump


    I am sure they will all love it at the PCL headquarters. Maybe Mister Dante Fontana will ask you to contribute as he is looking for new members for the PCL team.

    I am myself with the help of few friends sharing the oddest french 45rpm on Variété Underground http://varieteunderground.blogspot.com


  2. michael says:

    Delightful find!

  3. Hello, my name is Dan Marshall, and the songs that you posted about were written by my father, who was also named Dan Marshall.

    He was the fire chief in Columbus, OH back in the 70s and 80s. He passed away in 1990. I am a musician as well, you can hear some of my music at soundcloud.com/iamdanmarshall

    I stumbled across this post from Google, trying to see if I could find any information about his full discography. I was only 9 when he died, so I know there are probably several songs out there that I don’t yet know about.

  4. Also, we have family in Germany, which might explain how this record made it your neck of the woods!

  5. […] named Andreas. He lives in Germany, and likes to collect records. I was surprised to see that he found a record in a thrift store that my dad recorded in 1969. I was sad because the MP3 links no longer functioned, which is to be […]

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