DOMINGOS PEREIRA (Sr.Peles), Seleccao Nacional, 1970

The sad and sentimental fados might be the most well-known ones, but Sr. Peles soccer songs are definitely fados too. Compared to most German football related songs, these  are in a league of its own. German football songs can be funny but I have yet to hear any, that are of this musical caliber. Now of course Domingos Pereira is a die-hard fan of the Portuguese team, but why must he insist, that the Portuguese team is better than the Brazilian one?

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Seleccao Nacional, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Peles Peles & Peles, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Votos em abril, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Senhorio fala baixinho, 1970

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