Lisbon – Portugal

Thanks to the nice people of Jungle World – the weekly newspaper that´s been printing my comic strip Bigbeatland for the past eight years – I spent the last week in Portugal. Every year the staff of Jungle World makes a two-week work/vacation in a preferably warmer country. We go to the beach, swim in the ocean and at the same time produce an issue of our paper about the country we stay in. So far I´ve been to Turkey, Majorca and Cyprus with the Jungle gang. This year we had only one week, but it was the most luxurious one so far.

Our house was located 50 kilometers outside of Lisbon and we had rented three cars to take our group of 12 people around. We visited Casa Amarela, a Lisbon squat that is soon going to be demolished and I painted on a wall together with artists of the Lisbon comic art collective Chili Com Carne.

One day I was lucky and went surfing with a small group of  our Jungle World staff for the first time. The two hours  in the ocean were really exhausting, but I really want to try it again. Two days I went M.I.A and stayed with Marcos Farrajota, editor of the Chile Com Carne publishing company, in his Lisbon appartement. While there, we did this jam-comic together, which is published today in Jungle World.

Thanks to Marcos for his hospitality and thanks to the whole Chili Com Carne gang! Lisbon is awesome!

Holt euch ma´ne Jungle am Kiosk!  Deutschlands krazymässigste Zeitung und ihre Redaktion zusammen unterwegs in Portugal! Wir haben viel erlebt! Diese Ausgabe lohnt sich! Echt! Natürlich genau so wie jede Ausgabe der Jungle World auch …


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  1. jochen says:

    nice shirt! :-)

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