MENA MATOS, O Noivo, 1961

Mena Matos is shouting and screaming and then he´s singing softly like a crooner but whatever he did, it did make people go Gargalhadas – burst into laughter.

I like the way he seems to be imitating the teen singers of the 50´s/early 60´s:

MENA MATOS, O Noivo, 1961

MENA MATOS, Retalhos do fado, 1961

MENA MATOS, Totobola, 1961

MENA MATOS, Maneiras de rir, 1961

One Comment on “MENA MATOS, O Noivo, 1961”

  1. Miguel Catarino says:

    Beautiful article about a rare record in the history of Portuguese music.
    Question: Why does the file not play, and when I try to download, it always says “failed – no file”?
    Congratulations on your work.

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