LOS APSON, Desilusion, 1967

Los Apson were among the most well-known Mexican beat group of the 60´s. I first heard of them when I bought the Mexican Rock´n´Roll Rumble And Psych-Out South Of The Border bootleg LP in the mid-90´s. That record was put out by some record collectors from California who would find Mexican records either in California or when they would cross the border. Here in Berlin  original Mexican records hardly ever show up, so of course I picked this 45 in the plain but striking Peerless label company sleeve up, when I saw it in a Lisbon record shop.

Los Apson seem to still be performing in Mexico. I bought a legit Los Apson CD published by the same independent Peerless label, the oldest record company in Mexico that has since been bought by Warner, in the late 90´s on my one and only trip to Mexico. My girlfriend and me were on vacation and I didn´t really get the chance to do any real record shopping.  I randomly bought a couple of Mexican LP´s but found no Mexican rock´n´roll. My girlfriend still makes fun of me, because one of the shops ripped me off when they sold me a shrink-wrapped LP that later when I opened it, only contained some cardboard paper.

This is not the most rockin´ of Los Apsons´45´s but it´s the one I got.   Nunca se lo digan is a cover version of  I´m so lonesome I could cry by Hank Williams. Despite the title Desilusion has a nice easy-going vibe and a cool guitar break.

LOS APSON, Desilusion, 1967

LOS APSON, Nunca se lo digan, 1967

7 Comments on “LOS APSON, Desilusion, 1967”

  1. andrew says:

    hi, i love your site, which is well researched, and full of inspired novelties. unfortunately a mix up has caused a “file not found” for the track: LOS APSON, Desilusion, 1967.

  2. andrew says:

    please disregard the file not found. my computer was being silly. I’ve found it.

  3. polo says:

    do you sell’em let me know

  4. mischalke04 says:

    no. sorry.

  5. Manuel .. from Mexico says:

    THERE are an other songs from this guys…. i really love their songs… {Los Apson: y la quiero ,{ fue en un cafe, { triste luna, {satisfaccion. etc

  6. Kurt L - KL in NYC says:

    I was hoping for an instrumental, but the A-side is really nice anyway.
    Thank you.

  7. Denise says:

    Very cool! :)

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