VITOR ROSADO, As broncos e as alegrias do zé povinho, 1969

Marcos told me that the character this gentleman is impersonating, is a traditional folk figure. Actually he´s one of the first Portuguese cartoon characters. Marcos should know, he works in Bedeteca, Lisbon’s only comics library.

I forgot the name of the character but seeing his bare ass on the cover was an image I just couldn´t pass up….

VITOR ROSADO, As broncos e as alegrias do zé povinho, 1969

VITOR ROSADO, O alfaiate vira-casacas (I PARTE), 1969

VITOR ROSADO, O alfaiate vira-casacas (II PARTE), 1969

VITOR ROSADO, Hamlet, 1969


DOMINGOS PEREIRA (Sr.Peles), Seleccao Nacional, 1970

The sad and sentimental fados might be the most well-known ones, but Sr. Peles soccer songs are definitely fados too. Compared to most German football related songs, these  are in a league of its own. German football songs can be funny but I have yet to hear any, that are of this musical caliber. Now of course Domingos Pereira is a die-hard fan of the Portuguese team, but why must he insist, that the Portuguese team is better than the Brazilian one?

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Seleccao Nacional, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Peles Peles & Peles, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Votos em abril, 1970

DOMINGOS PEREIRA, Senhorio fala baixinho, 1970

ARTUR GONCALVES, Ser fascista, 1974

After funny football fado, here is funny political fado. After the Carnation Revolution of April 1974 the whole country was celebrating the end of the oldest European dictatorship and the beginning of a new era.

Ser fascista is making fun of the fascists. A beautiful song just like the other three….

ARTUR GONCALVES, Ser fascista, 1974

ARTUR GONCALVES,Portugal mais democrata, 1974

ARTUR GONCALVES, Uma coisa queria ser, 1974

ARTUR GONCALVES, A micas do intendente, 1974

GRUPO IN-CLAVE, Portugal Ressuscitado, 1974

This is not funny and actually not fado either but I had to buy it. A record celebrating the Revolution after the fall of the Dictatorship. Portugal will rise again!

GRUPO IN-CLAVE, Portugal Ressuscitado, 1974

ARY DOS SANTOS, In-Memoriam – Cancao Combate, 1974