RAMMA DAMMA, Ich bin Dein Taugenichts, 1975

Eccentrics have a hard time in Germany. In popular culture our land of poets and philosophers never spawned a Liberace, Salvador Dali, not even an Elton John. Siegfried & Roy would have never gotten famous in Germany. We don´t like eccentricity, it´s thought of as pushy and artificial, instead of flashy and artistic. We love authentic, honest and modest stars like Herbert Grönemeyer, Peter Maffay und Wir sind Helden. Artists that are so boring, that nobody outside of Germany knows who they are. Even abroad we are appreciated for our dull German virtues : reliability, straightforwardness and strictness. German Engineering and Techno made in Berlin are our German trademarks.

Consequently culturally we don´t have much to offer to the world right now. Because we´re lying to ourselves. To a degree every artist is an eccentric. Artists need to be eccentric because art needs to be a “deviation from the center” to be recognisable as art. In German the word just doesn´t have a positive connotation.  Our most famous eccentric German pop star is Nina Hagen. She´s great but she´s also the only one. At least no other famous German eccentric pop star comes to mind. There still is Heino though, the epitome of German squareness. At least abroad people seem to think he´s really weird.

Ramma Damma on the other hand seems to have been a real eccentric. Sadly to no avail, because I couldn´t find any information about him, besides a picture of another one of his 45´s . For some reason his singing reminds me of the X Files-episode of the Simpsons, in which Mr. Burns is a glowing and drugged ghosts and whispers: “I bring you love!”

The lyrics of Ich bin Dein Taugenichts (I´m your good-for-nothing/ne´er-do-well) are pretty cool though. He´s singing about the flower-pot that he carries around, the green grass that covers his car and how he wants to hypnotize the world to be less normal.

“Whoever fools around a lot in the daytime, is the king of the night.”

RAMMA DAMMA, Ich bin Dein Taugenichts, 1975

RAMMA DAMMA, No More Tears, 1975

„Ich bin Dein Taugenichts/ Ja wirklich, ich taug zu nichts/ Nur in der Liebe bringst du mich auf Trab/ Nur in der Liebe racker ich mich gerne ab/ Ich hab auf meinem Auto grünes Gras und bin auch sonst nicht ganz von hier/ Ich pfeif auf dies und pfeif auf das und fantasier´/ Denn wer am Tag viel Unsinn macht, ist König in der Nacht/ Ich geh mit meinem Blumentopf spazier´n und hänge rum, im Zeitkanal/ Ich will die Welt hypnotisier´n, seid doch nicht so, nicht so normal/ Denn wer am Tag viel Unsinn macht, ist König in der Nacht“

30 Comments on “RAMMA DAMMA, Ich bin Dein Taugenichts, 1975”

  1. masked marauder says:

    yeah, right, a cute little lunatic. if your stomach can take it, you can listen to a divshare of his other 7″, Ramma Damma sings “Ramma Damma” on crazeekids-music.blogspot.com -by the way: up their in our ever expanding capital city you probably don’t know what the name means. it’s bavarian slang for räumungsverkauf (= sell out) tranlated to (still not quite correct) German: räumen tun wir. knees up and keep giggin’ deep.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Wow, he really is eccentric! Wunderbar! Danke!

  3. Holunderbube says:

    Wow never realised that he made a second single. Relly great stuff.

  4. RammaDamma says:

    Hey, the eccentric goes on! Join me on Twitter & Facebook and you’ll be totally updated on THE SAVIOUR OF THE PLANTS.
    And follow my pineapple wife MrsRammaDamma on Twitter aka Tippy RammaDamma on Facebook.
    The roaring Seventies are massively alive.
    Check out what I just found on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUQMLDZiUDc (UK’s ITV1 turned my pineapple wedding of 1975 into a fun sensation 2010 in their show “Odd One In”- you see me in the 5th second with three other pineapple boys, I’m the one and only in greeeeeeeen…)
    Thanx a lot for your heart-warming story. (If you need more photos, download them from Facebook, ok?)
    Hope hearing from you all eccentric-lovers,
    hey, Baby, let’s do the RammaDamma tonite!

  5. mischalke04 says:

    RammaDamma du bist der Schärfste! Vielen Herzlichen Dank für den netten Kommentar. Deine Platten sind klasse!!!

    Thanks a lot RammaDamma! We need more people like you on this planet!! Keep doin´the RammaDamma!!!

  6. MrsRammaDamma says:

    He can’t hear you anymore Mischalkybaby! He grabbed his third bottle of Penny’s Soave and vanished into the cellar. He’s more Ozzy than Osbourne!
    Sending my sweet and sour pineapple love to Börlin,

  7. Ilias says:

    I haven’t visited your blog since quite a long time and I’m really regretting it deeply, because reading all of your last posts, I re-remembered why I have distinguished this blog: it’s simply because by reading it you have fun and learn in parallel.
    But more than this, you do it your way: You are managing to transfuse to us your love for each and every record posted here!
    So, outside Germany, maybe Germans are characterised by all these stereotypes that you are saying in this, as well as in other posts, but an unquestionable virtue they have, is exactly that learning from them can be great fun!
    Kurz und bündig: Germans know how to do it better!

    Beste Grüße!!!

  8. mischalke04 says:

    Danke, Ilias. I know it sounds bad when I´m putting down my people, but I´m an idealist. I´d like us to be better than we are. We´re sooooo damn slow emotionally. It´s boring. At least you Greeks have your explosive temperament to entertain yourself with. For example, your the best rioters in Europe! But it´s not all bad here. Thankfully, we also have good natured nuts like RammaDamma…

  9. Ilias says:

    Hallo Andreas! I like and absolutely share your idealism! With the only difference that you don’t have to do many changes to be better (maybe just one: to change chancellor… :p), while in our case the changes that should be done are so many that we don’t know where to start.. We have our temperament indeed, but Greek society never showed tolerance for eccentricity either, until, at the very most, the last two or three decades. We are known for our leftists artists like Mikis Theodorakis or Theo Angelopoulos who fought against dictatorship and maybe were just formed by their epoch which wanted them engaged, solemn, weighty and pompous, so that eccentricity considered not only unforgivable bohemianism, but also a form of betrayal against country’s (or ideology’s) sacred ideals…
    In any case, I agree with your opinion: every remarkable artist should be, more or less, eccentric. Nowadays Greek tv is drowned by eccentrics that let themselves become ridiculous and poke fun at them… But I wish would exist –now or in the past– a bewitching eccentric like a Greek Salvador Dali or at least a Greek Ramma Damma!
    As for us being rioters and rebels, maybe we are indeed, but I dare say, with a cause.. :)
    Ganz schöne Grüße aus sonnige Athen!

  10. RammaDamma says:

    Thx for the link Ramma Damma sings “Ramma Damma” on crazeekids-music.blogspot.com ,dear masked giorgio marauder. There is a more dramatic way to listen to my first single – check it out here http://www.ramma-damma.ist-online.ws/index1/trailer3.html (you must download it, there is no streaming available. Till 2005 I gave shelter to 34 homeless super guys on a rented potato field in Salmdorf near Munich, called “Der Gnadenacker”. 8 years a paradise. But I became enemy of Bavarian state, and finally my work of a lifetime has been destroyed by Bratwurst police brutality. Some students made a 45-Min-film about the eviction, so “RammaDamma” avanced to a kind of film music. Really dramatic. Have a look into hell of my lifetime! (I have checked in Krähwinkel, that Adolf Hitler is well alive!)

  11. MrsRammaDamma says:

    RammaDamma-UPDATE! I posted his Bratwurst police brutality trailer on my YouTube-channel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtbmPdOS5Cw Hoping you all may get some establishment-unfriendly appetite to watch the 45-min-docu-thriller “RammaDamma – Die Stadt hat uns obdachlos gemacht” (R: Veronika Dimke und Dominik Lindner), whuaaah!

  12. RammaDamma says:

    Check it out: RammaDamma now on YouTube also without Bratwurst police brutality via Mexico!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY3aV_i64Bk

  13. MrsRammaDamma says:

    My Christmas gift for hubby RammaDamma: Three Youtube-videos “The year before RammaDamma’s return”, “RammaDamma versus Bratwurst police brutality” and “RammaDamma – the song!” reached USA – is now available on AOL’s Truveo (one of the leading video search engines on the Web)!!! Have a see here:
    And have a wonderful Christmas and happy New 11!!!

  14. masked marauder says:

    na also. sach ich doch immer! meine rede seit 33: bildet banden, macht ne ananas zum, ähem, führer, und dann macht kaputt was euch kaputt macht. ceterum censeo: deutschland muss erben, damit wir leben können

  15. RammaDamma says:

    Hallo Börlin and all neighbouring bushes! It’s provotime again – LIVE from Salmdorf near Bussi-village Munich. You like shame and scandals in the family? Here we go: My pineapplebeauty Tippy turned into a kind of Julia Assange. Our marriage is just a TippyLeaks. My home is not secure anymore. Tippy is hunting, better: haunting me with her vid cam. And here is her latest prank attack – 54 seconds of my privacy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCAFCPJWbm8 I think, it’s ok, to show the Saviour of the Plants in his men’s room, in older times I have been enthusiastic about Bert Brecht, presenting the Pope on stage in underwear. Ha! My little sweet-sour darling scared the shit out of me, and that was just a beginning. Mischalkybaby, you were pondering, whether there would come any memoirs from me. No. I can’t stand books. Too boring to meet fucking bookmakers. I like the Tippy way, simply beginning to unveil something of her marriage on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=23741&id=100001667677135&l=2381309a40 It started with my uncleaned white wine glass in the sun. Days later – her revelation, that I punish her sometimes to be Adolf Hitler for 24 hours. And suddenly this weekend – her stink video prank on me. First reaction – I was stunned. Now I love her intimate paparazzi passion. The best, we both don’t know, what’s happening next.- He!He! (Be sure, dear Mischalkysugar, you are the first to know!)

  16. mischalke04 says:

    Happy new year RammaDamma!

    Your craziness scares me a little bit, but I think we have a lot in common. I´m a struggling artist and I never cared for money. I love plants and take good care of them. And I´m not so bad with people either and I take good care of my girlfriend. But I love books. Books are wonderful. I´d love to read a RammaDamma book.

  17. RammaDamma says:

    THX, my friend. You make me kinda emotional. No doubt: Books are wonderful. (But I have written to much paperbacks with heyne verlag.) I like your “Feder”, your cartoon style, it’s international, a touch (touche, shit i can’t realize an french accent over here!) American. In a sudden, when I checked some of your paintings on Facebook, I got one idea. A Ramma Damma book is only possible as a Comic book – and only with ONE FEDER! Wait & see.

  18. MrsRammaDamma says:

    Breaking Spring News! Heyyyy, Baby – let’s do the RammaDamma tonight… I got no feet, but Ramma made me a massively frootie table dancer – “put your leaves in the sky!” Frankly, I was Britney Spears’ dance double. Here’s the evidence: http://bit.ly/hJqhoW . (A smart tip for recycling your old record player, ha!…)

  19. MrsRammaDamma says:

    It’s still summer, and here I am again – I’ve just posted the latest about Rammy, me and those magic glam rock years around 1975…
    This is a must-see: http://twitpic.com/6cmkgd Do you remember AFN-Berlin, George Hudak? In Munich there was Bouncing in Bavaria – and in Frankfurt there was BILL SWISHER. AFN-Radio had been the contact to the world of tomorrow. A tribute to American Forces Network…

  20. noname says:

    Please can you up load this single?
    Ramma Damma – Rammadamma (1974)
    A – Rammadamma
    B – Hot Dog

  21. Don’t miss RammaDamma’s latest on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlWdjyrz0wM&feature=autoshare “RammaDamma: No More Tears. Song for Kim Jong-un and the People of North Korea.” And don’t miss @KimJongNumberUn on TWITTER

  22. Ramma Damma says:

    splendid idea Tippydear! I was just watching and listening – and reading “@KimJongNumberUn
    So the Republican leader pays no taxes and gets rich on the labor of others? American bastards have stolen our system.”

  23. Ha!! I loved this one – “KimJongNumberUn
    The most disappointing part of the Republican debate was at the very end when they weren’t all shot.”

  24. noname says:

    Please you have this ???
    Ramma Damma – Rammadamma (1974)
    A – Rammadamma
    B – Hot Dog

  25. I love this noname Says guy as RammaDamma does. Obviously he’s the same on France’s crazeekids-music.blogspot.com. Shit, nobody in this univeryse is ready to help him.- Listen, noname Says, be patient! Wait a second longer…

  26. Ramma Damma says:

    Glam Rock Lives!
    Just keeping you updated – here’s a very special 25 minutes radiointerview with RammaDamma (including 4 tracks, 2 worldpremiers of his plants music), the rerun has been broadcasted just today – RadioWeser.tv, host: Klaus Wolter. Have the courage, got the balls listening in here http://bit.ly/KGFWeD
    I can’t believe, that there are radiostations which are not like radiostations over here… (written by Tippy, sent by me)

  27. Ramma Damma says:

    BREAKING RAMMDAMMANEWS: Having my touch-down in Jeremy Thompson and Mary Blount’s amazing book “Wired Up!”, New York, USA: 7 pages German Glam Rock – http://twitpic.com/axzf5i . Read Ramma Damma the story-story, Part One http://twitpic.com/axzhk2 and Part Two http://twitpic.com/axzjod. OMG, it’s not usual for a by far unknown rock singer to appear in an American Superultraultimate docu-collection of Glam, Proto Punk and Bubble Gum – European Picture Sleeves 1970-1976. You can bet!

  28. file not found… it’s a wonderful Ramma Damma life

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