CLUB DIMA JUKE-BOX, Jumping Rock, 1961

The sole purpose of this record was to get teenagers to buy more S.Pellegrino Bitter soda so the company didn´t even bother to credit the actual artists. The teenagers who got it as a give-away didn´t care to know who recorded these songs either. Likely the  majority  of the Club Dima records were thrown away soon after and fifty years later even the surviving ones are stone-dead. Nobody knows who recorded these songs and nobody cares to find out.

I got this thin, one-sided flexible record some years ago in Angouleme when I bought a bunch of French rock´n´roll EP´s by the Chats Sauvages and the Chaussettes Noires. When I asked how much it was, the seller let me have it for free.

Is this record worth anything? No, but I´m not trying to sell my copy, so I don´t care.  Is it good?  Well, I like it. In fact I like it more than those Chats Sauvages and Chaussettes Noires records because this ragged and tattered record with no name to it, this poor orphaned Oliver Twist of a record, is just a little more endearing to my heart…

CLUB DIMA JUKE-BOX, Jumping Rock, 1961

CLUB DIMA JUKE-BOX, Un, deux, trois, Twist!, 1961

4 Comments on “CLUB DIMA JUKE-BOX, Jumping Rock, 1961”

  1. Frank says:

    Yesss, these songs have some rock and roll drive, a great sound and a nice Guitarsolo in Jumping Rock. This record IS good.

  2. Whoops says:

    Hi Andreas, i’m quite sure that behind these uncredited songs are Paul Mattei and his Band. These tracks (all credited to an enigmatic person named “Basin”) has been recycled quite a lot of time on every possible advertising record. I even recently find one wich were promoting the Aix Les Bains” city).

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Mystery solved! Thanks for clueing me and the readers in.
    I wish I could see some of those French advertising records of yours.
    Did you ever consider doing a blog?

  4. Tkonst says:

    San Pelergino – water from Bergamo Italy? Or am I mistaken? So it was sold in France?

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