SETO ORCHESTRA, Les Marionnettes, 1965

I think it would be a cool if orchestras today would record some Lady Gaga or Beyoncé songs. Likewise if surf groups would do instrumental versions of Pink or Katy Perry songs. That´s what the Ventures did in their time. Or maybe today´s surf groups are doing just that and I haven´t noticed?

Here the Seto Orchestra do a instrumental version of L´amitié, a hit for Francoise Hardy in 1965.

SETO ORCHESTRA, Les Marionnettes, 1965

SETO ORCHESTRA, Melo dijo perez, 1965

SETO ORCHESTRA, Meme si tu revenais, 1965

SETO ORCHESTRA, L´amitié, 1965


4 Comments on “SETO ORCHESTRA, Les Marionnettes, 1965”

  1. Ilias says:

    I don’t know either a rock instrumental group who arranges pop music of today, but I know a rockabilly group who does this and it’s really brilliant! Plus they are Germans and I think Berliners too and eccentrics enough!!! :

  2. kawentzmann says:

    The Ventures are not a Surf band!

  3. kawentzmann says:

    But I know what you mean, contemporary hits interpreted by rock instrumental groups. There are two problems:
    #1 todays melodies are too vague, it#s more the production that sells the tune.
    #2 Punk rock intodruce indie credibility, and if you did The Ventures thing with today hits you standing in your subculture would suffer.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    I know you´re right, but if anyone can do it, it´s you! Please, it would be sooo cool. Make this into a surf song. I know, it´d be great:

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