LEONHARD GEUDER, Siebenmal in der Woche, 1957

In 1957 Vico Torriani hit #1 in Germany with Siebenmal in der Woche.The song was written by Hans Bradtke (1920-1997), a Berlin songwriter and cartoonist.  A lot of records that I pick up have his name on it.  In the past I have postes some of them here, here and here.

Leonhard Geuder, the vocalist on this flexible postcard record, produced by the Ninophon company out of Munich/Nuremberg, is unheard-of. Steff Lindemann and his orchestra were from Nuremberg. Contrary to what the image on this postcard would suggest the song is not about smoking. Siebenmal in der Woche (seven times a week) is about a guy who wants to go out with his girl seven times a week. I guess when it came to girls in 1957 hot and smoking were synonymous.

LEONHARD GEUDER, Siebenmal in der Woche, 1957

Here Vico Torriani is performing with Germaine Damar, backed by Hazy Osterwald and his band. From the movie of the same title:

One Comment on “LEONHARD GEUDER, Siebenmal in der Woche, 1957”

  1. John says:

    These Schlager movies have the best nightclub scenes! The tablecloths, the candles, the trippy decor … fantastic.

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