MARIA PITTRICH, I Love You, Baby, 1958

The young girl pictured on this one-sided flexible postcard record is probably not Maria Pittrich. The girl resembles the German teen-idol Conny but the voice on the record sounds older. I suppose the unknown Maria Pittrich was a local singer, just like  Steff Lindemann and his orchestra. The small  Ninophon company from Munich/Nuremberg produced cheap postcard versions of hit songs.  Someone took the time to scan another Ninophon postcard record of Maria Pittrich and the Steff Lindemann Orchestra here, but wrongly  labeled it as one of the many postcard records from East-Germany.  Yea, I know, you´re already falling asleep reading this….

I Love You, Baby was originally recorded by Paul Anka in 1957. A German cover version, sung by local Berlin teen idol Conny Froboess, hit #2 in the German charts in 1958.

MARIA PITTRICH, I Love You, Baby, 1958

Today Cornelia Froboess is still working as an actress and is frequently seen in German movies and on TV. This is the hula-hoopin´teenage Conny in the film Hula-Hopp, Conny:

the hula dancin´Conny:

the daddy lovin´Conny:

Conny and the boys:

and a last one from the same movie:


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