BILLY MO UND DIE BILLY BOYS, Die goldenen Reserven, 1963

Billy Mo, originally Peter Mico Joachim, was born in 1923 in Trinidad and arrived in Hamburg via England in 1956. In London he had studied music at the Royal Academy of Music and played together with Winifred Atwell, who was also born in Trinidad. Billy Mo recorded some swing sides in Hamburg but  got his big break when he recorded Ich kauf mir einen Tirolerhut in 1962. The song reached #1 in early 1963 and stayed on top of the German charts for four weeks. It was recorded in many languages and Billy even recorded an English version:  I’d rather buy myself a Tyrolian hat. The success of the song pretty much sealed his fate and he made a career of recording and performing German Stimmungsmusik. But he continued to play jazz until his death in 2004. Bear Family Records re-issued Billy Mo´s cool rockin´and swingin´material from the 50´s on the Mr. Rhythm King CD in 2003.

This flexible record was simply advertising for cans. In the early 60´s the German steel industry was still going strong. Today only one company is manufacturing tin foil in Germany.

BILLY MO UND DIE BILLY BOYS, Die goldenen Reserven, 1963


3 Comments on “BILLY MO UND DIE BILLY BOYS, Die goldenen Reserven, 1963”

  1. Arne says:

    Michalke, dieser Song ist ein Hammer. Wirtschaftswunder I like.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Dabei sieht die Platte nach nichts aus. Aber der Song ist super: “Konsääwen, Konsääwen,…die gollldenen Resääwen…”

    Dein Blog ist übrigens auch super! Super Idee. Wann kommen das Ox und die Jungle World unter deine Lupe?

  3. Chris, Ansbach. says:

    Ich hatte die wabbelsingle als Kind und kann mich aber nurnnoch wage erinnern. Leider funktionieren die dropbox-links nicht mehr. Super-Schade, sniff.
    Und Youtube verweigert sich sowieso. Das mp3 wäre halt schön gewesen…

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