BETTINA RAY, Bongo Cha-Cha-Cha, 1959

Last week my girlfriend and me returned safely from our snowboarding trip to Austria. Exhausted from the 12 hour bus ride but also energized from all the activity and the pure air way up in the Alps.

Here´s aprés-ski music from 50 years ago.  Kitzbühel is still one of Austria’s best known and fanciest winter sport resorts. Of course the kind of music they play there today is much different. We were not in Kitzbühel but in another town, but I guess all these Austrian ski places are similar. Whatever the music would be like, we´re never doing any after-ski-partying anyway. It´s lame, but we´re too old. For us it´s all about snowboarding and hanging out with nice people. Having a hangover from too much alcohol and losing a day of snowboarding would be super lame.

About the record:   I couldn´t find information about Luc Hoffman or Bettina Ray but I suspect they were from Switzerland. The Varieton label was a sub-label of  Ex-Libris, the main Swiss record label. Luc Hoffmann and his Quintet recorded a twist record for the Swiss GPK label and another for the French Gala des Varietes label. (If you´re quick you might want to grab that 8-song twist EP on Ebay. I bet it´s great. If you win it please let me hear it).

Bettina Ray is copying Zarah Leander´s over-dramatic style of singing, which doesn´t really fit the swinging jazz band that is backing her. Not a lot of bongo in the cha cha cha either, but still kinda sweet how Bettina is trying to get all South-Amerikan…


Lass das sein (Stop it), a nice German mambo, was written by influential composer Michael Jary.


Nice swinging version of this Bavarian standard:

LUC HOFFMANN UND SEIN STAR-QUINTET, In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus, 1959

2 Comments on “BETTINA RAY, Bongo Cha-Cha-Cha, 1959”

  1. Nantes Inferno says:

    Oh, das ist ja wieder einmal richtig gehend Leiwand. Der große Milenković ist sogar so begeistert von dieser heißen Scheibe gewesen, dass ich für ihn sogleich Die schönsten Après Ski Melodien aus Deiner Jukebox einmal hier zusammengestellt habe: ;)

  2. Juhani says:

    I have the same LP, who knows about Bettina Ray, she sings like Zarah Leander?!

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