BELL SOUNDS, Marching Guitars, 1959

One more German Heliodor pressing, lisensed from the Chancellor label. Originally this was Chancellor # 1043, released right after Peter De Angelis Exotic Guitar. I couldn´t find any information about the Bell Sounds group on the Internet.

I love these easy-going instrumental rock´n´roll songs, especially the gnarly guitar sound on Marching Guitars:

BELL SOUNDS, Marching Guitars, 1959

BELL SOUNDS, Chloe, 1959


7 Comments on “BELL SOUNDS, Marching Guitars, 1959”

  1. KLinNYC says:

    This Heliodor label is of a much more modern design than the Chancellor 1959 label. Is it a reissue?
    The B-side is more of a march tempo than the A-side.

  2. KLinNYC says:

    I just noticed the songwriting credit looks like “Caiola” — as in Al Caiola, the famous session guitarist?

  3. mischalke04 says:

    Yes. Why haven´t I ever noticed? it´s very well possible that the song was written by Al Caiola.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    No, they´re not reissues. Both the Heliodor sleeves and the records are genuinely from the 50´s. I think the Heliodor logo and the pink design is kinda sweet but also kinda old-fashioned. In a good way. I love these hand-drawn logos much better than fonts.

  5. Henne says:

    just to confirm, yes its an alexander e. caiola song, as listed by ascap.

  6. Henne says:

    From Billboard, Nov. 9, 1959

    “Bell Sounds, a local New York group used to back up Frankie Avalon and Fabian on their recording dates, are in the Billboard spotlight on their own with two smartly produced instrumental sides: ‘Chili’, a colorful, and relaxed side, b-w ‘Marching Guitars’, a blues-oriented theme with drive and a beat. The Chancellor recording artists took their name from the ‘ Bell Sound Studios’, where they rehearsed.”

  7. John the 60's DJ says:

    I think the Chancellor little band is the same, as they made Happy holliday / Mattinata (C 1053), because of Peter de Angelis (and Bob Marcucci). Composed by Al Caiola (bandleader-Componist)

    P.S. The Everly brothers were also in Germany under the Heliodor label, even Frankie Avalon. Heliodor was a sub-label. In England the label was Columbia (HMV) or PYE and in parts of the world ABC-Paramount. Because of the different companies they made sub-labels to sell the records. In Belgium label CHAMP, in Holland CNR, in Italy Blue Bell and so on.
    Heliodor is POLYDOR (Philips-Siemens).
    So for the wrighs and taxpayments also.

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