PETER DE ANGELIS, Happy Mandolin, 1958

This is another Heliodor pressing of a small US independent label release. Originally published by the Philiadelphia based Chancellor label, it is also another record made by the record label owner himself.  Italian-American Peter De Angelis and his partner Bob Marcucci owned Chancellor records. Together they were responsible for the success of Italian-American teen idols Fabian and Frankie Avalon.

For this Heliodor release, two Peter De Angelis Chancellor releases (Happy Mandolin, Chancellor # 1022, 1958  and Exotic Guitar, Chancellor #1042 , 1959) were paired together.

PETER DE ANGELIS, Happy Mandolin, 1958

PETER DE ANGELIS, Exotic Guitar, 1959


5 Comments on “PETER DE ANGELIS, Happy Mandolin, 1958”

  1. cucina1700 says:

    As a ten year old, I was in my Uncles studio while this song was being written, although not aware of the title at the time. Uncle Pete would often use his nephews and nieces to help when he was composing. Great man. Pete DeAngelis III

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing these memories. I love the song.

  3. John the 60's DJ says:

    He made a lot of more records by Chancellor label and he was the man behind FRANKIE AVALON – JODIE SANDS and odhers.

  4. John the 60's DJ says:

    Abt. Pete DeAngelis
    together with Bob Marcucci he was the owner of Chancellor records in Philadelphia.

    He had several artistnames,
    made several records with his orchestra.
    He was born Italian (I think in Naples?) because his Italian sound.
    C1022 Happy mandolin/ Holliday in Naples
    C1038 Come close my little loved one / Bayone di Capri
    C1042 Exotic Guitar / Guitar shuffle
    and the soudtrack of “THE BIBLE”, and other songs also for Al Martino.
    He was a componist / text writer and bandleader.
    Look for: Orchestre conducted by Peter de Angelis.

  5. Steve Owen says:

    His sound and orchestration, all echoed up and etherial for Frankie Avalon’s Venus and I suppose Bobby Sox(done on the same session, cause it has the same sound?) is genius…I miss this talented arranger’s touch…

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