RAY MAXWELL, Misirlou, 1962

Over the years I have more or less accidentally come accross each of these three releases of  the German Heliodor label. Heliodor was a  sub-label of Polydor that pressed smaller quantities of mostly US rock´n´roll releases. They were also sold cheaper than the regular Polydor record. At the time the label was especially popular among German rock´n´roll kids. This is a German Heliodor pressing of a record originally released by the small indedependent Moonglow label from Los Angeles.

Ray Maxwell, the founder of Moonglow Records , was born Rene Jan van Hoogten, brother of Alfred van Hoogten, the owner of the Belgian Ronnex label. Starting in 1951 Ronnex released many cool Jazz, Rock´n´Roll, Twist and Beat records. It was Alfred van Hoogten who discovered Jack Hammer and Corry Brokken.  Ray Maxwell was initially sent to the USA by his brother to set up a subsidiary of Ronnex but the label soon took on a life of its own. Maxwells´s biggest success was discovering the Righteous Brothers in 1963. A very interesting account of the early years at Ray Maxwell´s Moonglow label can be found at the blog of Rhythm & Blues legend Daddy Dewdrop. Ray Maxwell seems to have been an exceptionally cool guy for a record label owner. A record collector and musician himself, he recorded this pretty snappy version of Misirlou:

RAY MAXWELL, Misirlou, 1962

after Dick Dale´s original rock´n´roll interpretation:

4 Comments on “RAY MAXWELL, Misirlou, 1962”

  1. Cole says:

    I love the blonde doing the twist on the Dick Dale video. :)

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Yes, me too. For some reason, when I first saw her I was thinking that it was more difficult dancing the twist to a fast instrumental like Misirlou, than to a vocal twist song.

  3. Steve says:

    I was just a boy of 9 to 11 when my dad worked for Ray at R.J. Recorders (Moonglow Records) on Selma Ave. In Hollywood. The music days were so exciting then. Ray produced my Christmas Record on Moonglow. The music industry was so creative.

  4. Pete says:

    Hi Steve – not sure if you will see this reply but I am a music collector and am looking for the 45 of the early version of “Little Latin Lupe Lu” by The Righteous Brothers on the older Moonglow style label (blue label with silver print and the word “Moonglow” written in a semi-circle surrounded by a moon and stars. Do you happen to know (or have any leads) on if any of those are still floating around with anyone associated with Moonglow who would have been selling them back then? I can be reached at musicman1257 yahoo. Would also love to hear your Christmas record.

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