BULLY BUHLAN, Ein Mann mit knarrenden Schuhen, 1948

Today only old people might remember his name, but in the late 40s and early 50s Bully Buhlan was Germany´s most popular pop singer and Berlin´s most famous son.

“Ein Mann mit knarrenden  Schuhen” – a man with squeaky shoes – explains why a couple will have a perfect marriage, because the wife will always know when her husband is approaching. The squeaky shoes are really practical, especially when she´s with another man…

BULLY BUHLAN, Ein Mann mit knarrenden Schuhen, 1948

Dutch reader Ron suggested I post some of the b-sides. This one I acctually  ignored and never listened to,  because the title sounded like boring Schlager music. Stupid. The Cornel Trio is almost all swingin´:

CORNEL-TRIO, Die Rose vom Wörther See, 1948

From a British “Men Only” magazine from 1952:

Non-squeaky crepe soles were the rage in the early 50s:

I love these little hand drawn ads. Graphic designers still knew how to draw:

Hand drawn lettering and cartoon in this ad:

2 Comments on “BULLY BUHLAN, Ein Mann mit knarrenden Schuhen, 1948”

  1. Torsten says:

    Leider auch offline. :( Läßt Dich da noch was machen?

  2. martinf says:

    file not found :-(

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