CORNEL-TRIO, Verlieb´ dich nicht am Nordpol, 1951

Recently I bought a stack of 78 rpm records and have really fallen in love with some of the tunes I “found” on them.  They were 50 cents a piece, so they are not in good shape but I still played some of them in our last radio show and even played them at a little  DJ Trümmerswing dance recently. The German swing records went over surprisingly well with the dancers.

I know, there are many serious German record collectors out there who know much more about 78rpm records than I do, but then again, there are no German music-bloggers that write about them.  So I might as well write what I know.

These records and artists were successful locally, but mostly went unnoticed in the rest of the world. Unless you know German, you will still not find much info about them today.  Most of these songs have been re-issued on CD, but I don´t think the quality of my records should hurt anybody´s business. There are fine re-issues of  Rita Paul, Peter Cornehlsen & the Cornel-Trio and Ilja Glusgal available. Even the most blatent CD-rip-off-blogs claim it, but in this case I really mean it: if you like these tunes,  despite the horrible quality of my recordings, go out and buy the CDs.

“Verlieb´ dich nicht am Nordpol” by Peter Cornehlsen and his Cornel-Trio  (also known as the Corni-Trio, Cornel-Quartett, Cornel-Quintett und Coronels) backed by Kurt Henkels and his orchestra, has been one of my new favourites recently. Kurt Henkels was Eastern-Germany´s king of swing.  The song was originally written by Michael Jary for the 1951 film “Die verschleierte Maja” (The Veiled Lady), one of the first big (West-) German musical production after the war.

“Don´t fall in love at the North Pole, because it will even freeze hot love!”

CORNEL-TRIO, Verlieb´ dich nicht am Nordpol, 1951

I found some photos of the movie in a article in Neue Illustrierte newspaper Nr. 26, June 6, 1951:

Filmed in Hamburg.



7 Comments on “CORNEL-TRIO, Verlieb´ dich nicht am Nordpol, 1951”

  1. Ron says:

    Danke für die 78 rpm records.
    Leider kleine b-side’s…..?
    wolte auch mal dieses hören.
    Gruss aus die Niederlande

  2. mischalke04 says:

    An einer besseren Aufnahmequalität der Schellackplatten arbeite ich gerade. Wenn ich die verbesserten Aufnahmen habe, füge ich auch gern einige B-Seiten dazu. Obwohl die nicht so swingen. Versprochen.

    Gruß aus Berlin

  3. Torsten says:

    Könntest Du den Titel vielleicht nochmal online stellen? Ich bekomme einen 404-Fehler. Danke!

  4. martinf says:

    file not found :-(

  5. Ravel says:

    Thanks for these Amiga 78’s! Fun to hear german jazz! You a great webstite here, nice job!
    I like Rita Paul too.
    But «martinf» is right : this file didn’t work for me too.

    Thanks again, from a Montreal, Quebec, Canada collector

  6. mischalke04 says:

    Thank you! I will fix the files today.

  7. Erskine says:

    Thank you, thank you so much ^^
    You can’t imagine how happy i am when i find good stuff. :)

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