ILJA GLUSGAL, Sensation am Broadway, 1951

Ilja Glusgal often performed with the Cornel-Trio. Here, backed by Walter Dobschinski and the Tanzkapelle des Berliner Rundfunks, he´s covering Doris Day´s 1951 hit record Lullaby Of Broadway. From the movie of the same title, starring Doris Day and Gene Nelson.

The lyrics in the Doris Day´s version are rather light hearted:

The band begins to go to town/ And everyone goes crazy/ You rock-a-bye your baby round/ ‘Til everything gets hazy/ Hush-a-bye, I’ll buy you this and that/ You hear a daddy saying/ And baby goes home to her flat/ To sleep all day

The German version of the song by Ilja Glusgal tells a differnt story:

In New York  at midnight on Broadway/  There´s a sensation on Broadway/ The crowd is captivated, the police is helpless: A naked girl!/ Everybody is shouting: Sweet Baby! Liebling, you´re adorable!/ He wants so protect her and take her home/  She says: “No way,  I have to stand here without a dress – I´m advertizing for lingerie!”

Yea, I know the recording sounds awful, but that´s the condition my copy is in…

ILJA GLUSGAL, Sensation am Broadway, 1951

From roughly the same period, some images from Paprika magazine Nr.7, 1949. The magazine combined a variety of  pin-up photos, cartoons and essays.

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