EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1947

For some reason the trift store, where I bought most of the 78rpm records, also had a lot of Danish records. Out of curiosity I bought a bunch of them, but most of them turned out to be pretty boring.

Not this one. Although sung in Danish, and nowhere as fast as the original “Blazin´The Trail To My Home” written by Teddy Powell and recorded in 1945 by Gene Autry, Eddie Russell´s version is a pretty close approximation of American western swing music. Or at least much closer than every German Cowboy song I have ever heard.

Now if I only found a cheap way of getting rid of the awful clicks and hisses. This record cost 50 cents.

EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1949

EDDIE RUSSELL, The Last Round-Up, 1949

2 Comments on “EDDIE RUSSELL, Cowboyens Sang, 1947”

  1. Curt Cimberland, Sonnhaldenstr. 27a, 6052 Hergiswil/NW, Schweiz says:

    Hello Andreas
    For very long I have been looking for the old danish song:
    “Cowboyens sang”, sung by Eddie Russell.

    My uncle played it for me again and again, when I more than sixty years ago was a small kid in Denmark.

    Today I have – despite my age – two small daughters living with their mother in Munich. I would like to teach and show our daughters a few things from my childhood in Denmark.

    My uncle playing the mentioned record for me, is the first thing I remember from my childhood, and I would like to “vocalize” my telling about my childhood with this song.

    Is it possible for you to create a mp3 for me with the “Cowboyens song”?

    By the way I have an older american version on mp3 (low quality) of the “Blazin’ the Trial to My Home” than the relative fast version by Gene Autry, which you refere to. From your web side I expect that you are not interested in an mp3 version of my version, as I asume you are interesed in “the real tning” (the 78s) – otherwise I would send it to you.

    If you are willing to send me the mp3 version, I would pay you a good reasonable price in advance (have account in Germany).

    Looking forward to your answer!

    As I do not yet have the email address you are responding from on my white list, – please do not send me an answer-mail with anything attached, as attachments might land in my spambox, untill I have your mailing address on my “good list”.

    Kind regards

    Sie können mir gerne die Antwort auf Deutsch schreiben, falls das für Sie einfacher ist.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Dear Curt,

    I haven´t been blogging for a while now, but will start again soon.
    I´ll try to “re-up” Cowboyens Sang as sonn as I get to it.


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