Tempelhof Swing

Wer Lust hat kann mit uns am Ostermontag, 25 April, auf dem Tempelhofer Feld Swing tanzen. Swingtanzbare Musik kommt direkt vom Plattenteller.  Decken, Getränke und Verpflegung bitte mitbringen. Wenn ihr am Eingang Columbiadamm auf  Kreidezeichen auf dem Boden achtet,  findet ihr uns leicht.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport has a long history starting in 1923. In 1933 Berlin´s first concentration camp was established in this place. After Tempelhof Airport was massively reconstructed in 1936 by the Nazi governement, thousands of forced laborers worked there in air armament. Of course Tempelhof was also the base of the legendary  Berlin Airlift, the Allied mission to fly food and supplies to blockaded West Berlin in 1948-1949. The airport closed in 2008. Today it is a public park.

We´ll be dancing in Tempelhof park on Easter monday. To commemorate the US history of  the airport, here´s a 45 used for radio broadcasts. Betty Madigan together with Dick Hyman and his band advertise for WAF – Women in the Air Force.

“So rememer young ladies: if the life of the WAF appeals to you, talk with your local Air Force recruiter. Get in on the ground floor of the space age!”


BETTY MADIGAN WITH DICK HYMAN AND HIS BAND, I`ll Never Say Never Again/  Tears ON My Pillow, 1958

5 Comments on “Tempelhof Swing”

  1. Ravel says:

    Very interesting record! And Madigan’s voice makes this little curiosity worth listening to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wenne says:

    beste grüße aus benztown. wasn los bei dir? du bist blogtechnisch ganz schön inaktiv in letzter zeit. hoffe, dass das nur an schönen dingen liegt… all the best, Lolly P.

  3. KLinNYC says:

    This is still a popular OTR (Old Time Radio) program among collectors. I’ve only seen 12″ transcriptions with two programs on each side. This is the first time I’ve seen a 45.
    The musical director is Dick Hyman, who later became famous via Enoch Light’s Command Recods productions.
    At the time of this radio program, he was working for Enoch Light’s budget LP labels, and had played the organ on a Hartz Mountain Canary record sold at pet shops (to teach canaries to sing).

  4. Torsten says:


  5. A.E. says:

    hey, andreas,
    lass deinen blog nich so verwaisen, dafür isser zu gut…
    bis erlangen,

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