BIG JONES, Le Climb, 1963

One Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago my friend Franky picked me up with his car and took us to a record convention. I hadn´t been to one of those for a long time and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. It was poorly attended and apparantly only by old men.That had never bothered me before. I went to my first record swap meet in 1980, when I was a fourteen year old rockabilly, accompanied by my dad, who was very patient with me. The event had been recommended by the radio DJ Werner Voss on his weekly show “Werner Voss Rock´n´Roll museum”, that was always aired right after school. That first time I bought some nice 45s like “Heat/Nameless”, two great blasting saxophone instrumentals by the Rockin Rs on Tempus, or a pounding version of “In The Mood” by the Hawk (Jerry Lee Lewis) on the Phillips International label, of some vendors that seemed unbelievably old to me then, but were probably younger than I am today. Back then, before the Internet and Ebay, record conventions were the only place to find rare records. Also, vinyl was still the most popular medium, so a lot of different people, from jazz to schlager fans, went there to find something. This time I had a feeling the whole business was on the way down. Most of the stuff that is being sold is pop and rock vinyl LPs from the 60s to the 80s – the short period the collectors grew up in. No 78s, no electronic music or hip hop vinyl and only few  CDs. Even Jazz collectors don´t seem to look for vinyl any more. When I asked for Jazz,  a vendor told me: “Ah, I left that box at home!”

We still had a nice sunday morning at the swap meet and both came home with a bunch of cool stuff. From a french seller I bought this mysterious EP. “The Climb” was written by Leiber and Stoller for the Coasters, who first recorded it in 1962. Like a lot of the Coasters stuff it is a slow grinding R&B number with great vocal harmonies. In 1963 Duane Eddy recorded a instrumental version. In 1964 “The Climb” appeared again in “Viva Las Vegas” this time performed by the Forte Four, a gospel quartet led by George McFadden

In France at least eight different versions of “Le Climb” were released. The only information I could find about Big Jones, is from the back of the sleeve: 6.2 ft tall and born in Ohio. “Galaxie” was the biggest hit for “Les guitares du diable” a french instrumental band made up of studio musicians led by jazz guitarist Léo Petit (a.k.a William Stanray). The two other crazy twist songs on this EP are also penned by Stanray, so I guess this was one of his many projects in the early 60s.

So here´s “Le Climb”, a weird little number  with bass AND also very high vocals by the mysterious BIG JONES – THE HUMAN DOUBLE BASS!

BIG JONES, Le Climb, 1963

BIG JONES, Mais quést-ce c´est?, 1963

BIG JONES, Terrible pour la danse, 1963

BIG JONES, Galaxie, 1963

7 Comments on “BIG JONES, Le Climb, 1963”

  1. John says:

    Great new post, Andreas, thanks!

  2. KLinNYC says:

    Not one, but four odd little numbers.
    Galaxie has a very pretty melody and I wonder if there were any other versions (like by a Ventures-style guitar band).

    Be happy that there are still record conventions with decent-priced merchandise in good condition.
    In other places of the US, some people can drive around and still find garage sales with LPs for $1 or less! (Not in New York City.)

  3. KLinNYC says:

    …I forgot to say Thank You.

  4. whoops says:

    Nice to see you back Andreas.
    Over the years i came across at least three copies of this Big Jones EP and the fact is that there is so much low tone on this record that all of them have saturation at one point or another.

  5. JoeKiel says:

    Hallo Andreas,
    der gute Big Jones hat anscheinend noch eine Platte gemacht:
    Mehr Info gibt`s da aber auch nicht.

    Danke !

  6. CrownieBS says:

    Hallöle, na da bin ich aber froh, daß ich nicht der einzige bin den Werner Voß damals angesteckt hat. Kann mich noch gut erinnern wie ich zu meiner ersten Plattenböre im Besenbinderhof, aufgrund der Ankündigung vom DJ, mit meinem frisch erstandenen, Baujahr 1969, Ford Capri I, nach Hamburg geeiert bin. War 1981, und immer schön im Widschatten von nen Reisebus, verringerte nicht nur den Spritverbrauch sondern erhöhte auch die Endgeschwindigkeit. Die dabei erstandene australische EP der Atlantics habe ich später gegen die Live-LP von Dick Dale eingetauscht. Was alles für verrückte aber auch interessante Platten mal rauskamen kann man hier prima sehen. Lob, Lob ;-)

  7. mischalke04 says:

    Danke, Danke! Leider ist nicht viel los hier in letzter Zeit. Muss wohl mal wieder was schreiben hier…

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