Charlotte Rank, Ding Dong Rock, 1958

Charlotte Rank is an Austrian Jazz singer who only made a handful of records in the 50s before she went back into private life. A mention of her being “A true local Vienna Girl” is one of the only informations I could find.  In the late 1940s Lotte Rank started performing together with the orchestra of famous Austrian  jazz musician Johannes Fehring, with whom she also recorded a nice version of  “Cow Cow Boogie”. Fehring also recorded two rock´n´roll 45s for Heliodor in ´56 and ´57. Apparently Charlotte Rank  still performs from time to time in Vienna.

And what a looker she was!

It seems that songs that contain the word “rockabilly” ( like Guy Mitchell´s “Rock-a-billy”) in the title or the lyrics tend to be actually considerably less rockin´. The original version of  “Ding Dong Rockabilly Wedding” was recorded by Libby Dean in 1957 for Savoy, a Rhythm & Blues label and backed by the Ray Charles Singers. While Charlotte Rank´s version might not be rockabilly music, it´s still rather surprising to find any reference to the word in a German song when it wasn´t even all that common in the U.S. at the time.

For some reason so far “Ding Dong Rock” has slipped Bear Family Records otherwise pretty complete list of German rock´n´roll re-releases.

Here is this cute little ditty digitized  for the first time…

CHARLOTTE RANK, Ding Dong Rock, 1958

CHARLOTTE RANK, Der Gedanke schon allein, 1958

9 Comments on “Charlotte Rank, Ding Dong Rock, 1958”

  1. Erik says:

    Great post and what a great find!

    Interesting to see how fast an Austrian German-language cover version of ‘Ding Dong A Rock A Billy Wedding’ by Libby Dean With The Ray Charles Singers was released. Probably (and now I’m guessing) because of the American soldiers stationed in Vienna in that period ?!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks! How they got to hear the original version I don´t know… but I guess there´s always been some cool hipsters who dug a little deeper than just the top of the charts… luckily even among song writers and producers…

  3. Erik says:

    Hi Andreas,

    As a result of your post I’ve posted the original version of ‘Ding Dong Rock A Billy Wedding’ and the cover version ‘Ding Dong Wedding’ by Charlotte Rank to the SecondHandSongs forum.

    Check it out here:

    Kind regards,


  4. Well these are great tracks how can I get permission to play them on my community radio show I work on

  5. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks for asking, but even though nobody cared to re-release these songs in 50 jears, before I went and digitized them, I can´t give you “permission” to play them on the radio. Just because I don´t own the copyrights. But please feel free to use them. I don´t think anyboy would mind…

  6. Eduardo says:

    Sensationelle Perlen die du uns immer wieder präsentierst!!!
    Vielen Dank dafür und Chapeau aus Frankfurt am Main!

  7. de mo says:

    Seit einer Woche laufen immer diese beiden Lieder, bevor ich in das Nachtleben eintauche

  8. mischalke04 says:

    Danke! Freut mich sehr!

  9. urusla napravnik says:


    Charlotte war eine Arbeitskollegin von mir nachdem sie sich aus dem Musikgeschäft zurückzog.Ich würde gerne von ihr etwas hören, da sie mir immer vorgesungen hat, besonders wenn ich traurig war—sie erheiterte mich immer mit ihren Geschichten – bitte wo kann ich den song anhören ?

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