My girlfriend fished this record out of a box while waiting for me in a Berlin record store in 1998. I remember, because it was before we moved together and the store was near her old apartment. She always had a good eye for picking odd looking records, like this one. Audiodiscs were one of many home recording labels that produced blanks that could be recorded at home with special recording machines. There is no date given on the record but I would say late 50s, because it already runs on 45 rpm.

I suspect this one sided record was made as a gift to a Mr. Zapf by his co-workers, celebrating his 25th anniversary with the Askania company. It´s  illustrated by an image of Mr. Zapf in his lab coat, that was cut out of a photograph and glued onto the label, plus the word “verZAPFTes” (a play on words meaning “doing stupid things”) in rub-on letters. The unknown person who is singing, accompanied by drums and accordion, put some biographical details of Mr. Zapf´s life into humorous rhymes:  Askania  has been living with mechanic Zapf for 25 years (Askania is a Berlin company for optical and precision mechanics)… Mr. Zapf is known as a diligent worker…  has survived the war as a messenger in the army…  landed in Novosibirsk, Russia…  marched to the sea… failed to conquer (the Russians)… dealt in oil… victorious at last… never a big talker…  likes to wear long johns…


One Comment on “VerZAPFtes”

  1. Dieter Kersten says:

    Kennt Ihr meinen neuen Song: Hommage an Frank Elstner Mach bitte weiter so

    Oder Aline oder Willkommen mon Ami Bien Venue mein Freund in Deutsch und Franzsisch fr Merkel und Hollande.


    Dieter Kersten

    Siehe youtube = Dieter Kersten

    Amazon mp3 download= Dieter Kersten


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