Soul Party

spk-779-frontspk-779-backspk-779-1spk-779-2One more Swedish Gala record club release from the late 1960s. This 6-song EP was also published by the Dutch Populaire Platen Kring but originally the Elite Boys might have come from somewhere else. I have a hunch that these boys were French but that´s just guessing from their accents.

Of course most probably there actually were no Elite Boys at all. Groups like these were only put together in the studio to produce some cheap material for the budget market. In this case soul music. Actually it´s a mixed bag of styles they play: a solid instrumental version of Eddie Floyd´s Knock on wood, a pretty odd but still spirited version of  Tom Jones´ version of You came a long way from St.Louis, a cool instrumental version of  I´ve been loving you too long, written by Otis Redding,  a rough version of Barbara Randolph´s northern soul classic Don´t fight it,   a version of Frank Sinatra´s 1966 hit song  It was a very good year,  that is pure easy listening and finally there´s a version of Back on my feet , originally recorded by the British soul band the Foundations in 1968.

But as mixed and fabricated this selection may be,  it is still period music from the 1960s and I sure would´ve  liked to have been in the studio with the Elite Boys when they recorded these songs…

THE ELITE BOYS, Knock on wood

THE ELITE BOYS, You came a long way from St.Louis

THE ELITE BOYS, I´ve been loving you too long

THE ELITE BOYS, Don´t fight it

THE ELITE BOYS, It was a very good year

THE ELITE BOYS, Back on my feet

3 Comments on “Soul Party”

  1. Kurt L - KL in NYC says:

    This label was generally better than the cover version labels we had in the US.
    I wonder if people subscribed according to music category (like Pop, Easy Listening, etc.) or if they just got a variety of records in each shipment.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I have a feeling that it was the latter. My mother subscribed to Bertelsmann book club in the 60s and it was just to get any variety of books. Actually it was laziness and a lack of taste on her side… Later my father subscribed to tapes in the 80s just because he was interested in one particular tape….

  3. Scott says:

    Here’s a link to something in the Elite Boys:

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