FRANCOIS LUBIANA, Crazy Girl, 1962

grafica-jean-eugen-1960-edc-395-2grafica-jean-eugen-1960François Lubiana (1940 – 2011), real name François Biro, was  mostly known as the husband of French pop star Jaqueline Boyer. A singer and composer in his own right, Lubiana recorded quite a few EPs for Pathé and Barcley. In the only video I found of him performing live, he can be seen singing the beautiful Les cloches sonnaient in March 1966. He starts into the song, and for some reason not entirely happy with his performance, abruptly stops, excuses himself and then casually continues. Cool. Sadly later that same year he suffered a severe cerebral hemorrhage that ended his career abruptly.

Two twist songs by Francois Lubiana strangely appeared on this Romanian EP. I don´t know if they were issued exclusively in Romania, but if  they did, I wonder why?  The nice mosaic-style sleeve illustration was done by Electrecord house-designer Jean Eugen. The two tracks, both written by  Jeff Davis, have not been been reissued in 50 years.

Dedicated to all the crazy girls…

FRANCOIS LUBIANA, Crazy Girl, 1962

I found another version of Moi Qui on the French Pathé EP on Youtube that sounds like it was re-recorded at a later date. This is a regular twist:



4 Comments on “FRANCOIS LUBIANA, Crazy Girl, 1962”

  1. Drake says:

    Great work. Can you upload for me the other 2 songs with Rosella Risi? Danke sehr.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Rosella Risi/Fischoff is living in Austria and her family is still caring about her career very much.
    So, sorry, no, I can not upload.

  3. Drake says:

    Very thanks. I’m from Romania – Electrecord is romanian label.
    Rosella released other 10” album (very rare) at Electrecord in 1963 with 8 tracks :
    La Partita Di Pallone
    Qualcuno Mi Aspetta
    Guarda Come Dondolo
    Anema E Core
    Sulla Spiaggia A Mamaia
    Giovane, Giovane

    Great songs.

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Thank you for your understanding.

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