THE PEPPER BITERS BIG BAND, Round about Midnight

Last week I bought two Opera label 45s. Opera was a record club, essentially a sort of cheapo label.  They  still sell cheaply today and I would contribute this largely to the bland record sleeves, that do not tell much about the music on the records and lead sellers to believe the music must not be interesting. Opera did mostly published second grade versions of hit songs, but also took over some cool stuff from other labels catalogs, like Duke Ellington and the Deep River Boys. While the music on this record is not rhythm & blues or hot jazz it´s still a little more sophisticated than the stuff that I normally present here. It´s Modern Jazz in the Stan Getz style – some sort of big band junkie jazz. Either way it´s not meant  for dancing. It´s music for sitting. I´m nearing fifty but I feel that I´m still way too young for this type of jazz. I still have no time for slow music. Or for music that I need to sit down to to listen to.

But who is this band and where are they from? I couldn´t find any trace of The Pepper Biters Big Band on the Internet. Are these real names? Ben Brook (Piano), Joe Nathan (Trumpet), Shaw-Shaw Namuna (Drums), Mackie Daniels (Voice), Mike Mills (Saxo), Buddy Toybeen (Trombone), Coleridge Gray (Vibraphone), Larry Pongo (Bass) and the Hot Nine.

Who knows?

jazz - rythm and blues

3 Comments on “THE PEPPER BITERS BIG BAND, Bugs round Midnight”

  1. Herr Klaus says:

    I rather like these generic covers. Also, the Opera-Logo: very kitsch-cool!
    Do you know what those numbered stickers are for (“48” in this case)? I sometimes come across them too, and they are kind of nice.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I like them too. Especially the purple color. BUT they´re still just boring all-Typo”solutions” of some bored graphic artists. They could have looked way better with pictures on them. Drawings would have been waaaay better!

  3. Herr Klaus says:

    Yeah, probably so, especially since the type is usually boring (but sometimes charming for it’s “vintage”-feel). What I was thinking of was probably more an abstract illustration style, that’s not done for a specific record that has to work for a variety of titles. If I may modestly recommend some of my flickr-images:

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