ANDY NEVISON AND HIS RHYTHM MASTERS, White Woman (Don´t Roll Your Big Blue Eyes), 1966

andy-nevison-frontandy-nevison-backwhite-womanmailman-bluesOn April 13 Werner Voran passed away. He was 58 years old. Werner was a musician, artist and record collector but also the main man behind a series of compilations called Prae-Kraut Pandemonium. These comps are the German equivalent to Crypt Records´very influential Back from the Grave Garage-Punk series. Back in the early 90s, when most German Beat Fans were still focused on mainstream “Oldies”, Werner and his collaborators  dug up the lost sounds of the German underground of the mid to late 60s, the pre-Krautrock era. The Prae-Kraut series basically put that sound back on the map! Or rather they created this sound and made it cool to listen to. It was their achievement to let a whole new generation of music fans discover the often crude sounds of German amateur Beat bands.

Of course the fact, that it was a bootleg series, contributed to the cool factor. But mostly it was the selection of songs – the way they put disparate songs together, that did not have any connection with each other, but made sense in the context of the compilation. It was Werner´s and his friends own punk attitude and their collector spirit that fueled the series. In terms of pure cool and consistency the Prae-Kraut comps remain unparalleled in the history of German re-issue series.

When releasing LPs became too expensive the series continued in digital format. Starting with Volume 16 in 2008. Prae-Kraut was released exclusively as RAR files trough Spurensicherung Blog. A fitting name:  the way they presented their obscure finds, was like a “securing of evidence”. I felt quite honored, when Werner used one of my scans from a German comic book called Lupo, that I had posted  in May 2008, for the virtual  “cover” of Volume 17.

The compilation can still be downloaded from Spurensicherung.


I never met Werner personally but we emailed a bit and he occasionally commented on some of my posts. Last September, when I hastily announced a new set of blog ethics, Werners´reply was straight forward, determined but also very inspiring:

“Problem understood. I was often close to packin´ it in too. It´s hard too keep your self control, when you get called a “Bootlegger”, by people who don´t have a clue. When actually you are an archeologist who has been digging up untapped treasures, thereby virtually “creating” a fucking “MARKET” for stuff that nobody had cared for, for decades! But that was still in the days of vinyl. At least today I don´t loose money any more. But I’m too old to quit anyway. Thanks for the great time. Rest in unrest. Yours, Lolly P.”
Rest in unrest, Werner!
On to the music…
Just last week I found this 45 by Andy Nevison in a local record store and I think it fits the occasion. It wasn´t as cheap as the finds I usually present here, but the record is in excellent condition and it was still nowhere as expensive as it would have been, if I had to bid on it on  on Ebay.
Andy Nevison appeared on Prae-Kraut Pandemonium numerous times: “Indiano” is on Vol.2 (1994),  (and on the CD-Version “Electric Loosers”), “White Woman” is on Vol.14 (2003) and “Shaking It Up” is on Vol. 17. (In 2004 Bear Family Records included “Indiano” and “What’s Your Name” on their Beat im Ruhrgebiet CD comp. Wrongly titled “Indiana” the song also appeared on the CD The British Sound Vol.11.)
Andy Nevison undoubtedly recorded the most authentic sounding Rhythm & Blues songs in Germany in the 60s. Here´s what Werner wrote about “White Woman” in the liner notes to Volume 14 in his inimitable style:

“We all know about The Monks, but they weren’t the only ex-GI’s on the German scene. Screamin’ Andy Nevison (whose throat might sound familiar to owners of our Vol.2) and his Westphalian band The Rhythm Masters had German and American members and their three 45’s were produced exclusively for the German market. “White Woman, don’t roll your big blue eyes at me” wouldn’t have been much of a hit in Alabama 66 anyway. Blessed with good looks not unlike a younger brother of Sam Cooke, Andy honours sister Rosa with more than just innate seat on the bus. Say it loud, I’m black and kraut. Dig it!”

ANDY NEVISON AND HIS RHYTHM MASTERS, White Woman (Don´t Roll Your Big Blue Eyes), 1966

Just because your skin is white, you think you´re mighty fine/ Yes, you told me that you love me, then you rolled your big blue eyes/ When I saw you last week, your skin was turning black/ Go find the guy that beat you up and ask him to take you back/ Don´t roll your big blue eyes at me… “

( I´d love to get the rest of the lyrics but I can´t understand what he´s saying. Any volunteers to translate these exceptional anti-racist 1960s beat lyrics?)


Andy Nevison was born to Jamaican parents and grew up in London. Like many young British musicians in the 1950s, he started to play music in a skiffle band. During his military service he was stationed in Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta and Germany. Based in Delmenhorst, he often traveled 130 kilometers to Hamburg, to perform in various clubs, together with musicians like Tony Sheridan and Gerry & The Pacemakers.

In the early 70s he settled in Recklinghausen and became a fixture in the local music scene playing Blues, Jazz and Rock´n´Roll. In 2006 Andy Nevison and the Recklinghausen All-Stars recorded the CD “Wakado”. Shortly after local occasional journalist Ulle Bowski did an interview with Andy Nevison on his balcony.

On March 27 2012 Andy Nevison died in Recklinghausen. He was 74 years old.

(There is no Wikipedia text about Andy Nevison but Guido Röcken wrote a very nice biography and obituary in German on his website.)


Andy Nevison and his Rhythm-Masters, “Rhythm-Masters Swing” b/w “Shaking It Up”, 1964 (Tampicord  # 1 D 934)

Andy Nevison, “Humpty Dumty” b/w “Somebody”, 1965 ( Ariola # 18 576)

Andy Nevison and his Rhythm-Masters, “Indiano” b/w “What´s Your Name”, 1966 (EMI Columbia # C 23145)

Andy Nevison, “Pleite” b/w “Worried Blues” (R&B # ?), 1967

Werner about “Shaking It Up”,  reissued on Prae-Kraut Pandemonium Volume 17:

ANDY NEVISON & HIS RHYTHM MASTERS: their 3 hard to find singles for major labels have already been well documented on Prae-Kraut. But that’s not all there is to the career of this black ex-GI in Germany. A big surprise – and a 7″ the man himself had forgotten about when asked these days – is “Shaking It Up” on the totally obscure Tampicord label from Hamm, Westfalia (’64). Certainly a band in progress, and not up to the monster standard of “Indiano”, but a good example of the early sound of the German red light districts on the wrong side of the tracks. On par with King Size Taylor and Bobby Patrick. For those of you who care: Andy Nevison had a 5th and last single (the only one without The Rhythm Masters) on the German label R+B in ’67. This was a novelty German version of Ray Charles’ “Busted” called “Pleite” b/w “Worried Blues”. Funny, but not much more…”


7 Comments on “ANDY NEVISON AND HIS RHYTHM MASTERS, White Woman (Don´t Roll Your Big Blue Eyes), 1966”

  1. michaelvee says:

    hallo Andreas (long time no hear),
    Werners unvermittelter Tod war und ist immer noch ein böser Schock für mich; auf meiner Lifejournal-Seite habe ich ein paar Zeilen in memoriam hinterlassen. In meiner Mailbox habe ich einen seiner immer witzigen Kommentare gefunden, den er mir schrieb, als ich ihm vorschlug, nach Ratzingers Rücktritt die Stelle des Pabstes zu übernehmen:
    “.. Ich hab keinen Bock auf den Job, obwohl der Vatikan ja was Psychedelisches hat: Bekiffte alte Maenner mit komischen Hueten reden Bloedsinn und werden dafuer verehrt! Mal schaun, vielleicht mit 80. Bis denn, W “.
    RIP Werner!

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Hallo Michael,

    sorry für die späte Antwort. Ich war ein paar Tage nicht hier.

    In der Jungle World ist noch ein Text über Werner von mir erschienen.

    Alles Gute

  3. michaelvee says:

    eine schöne Nachrede, wie Recht Du doch hast (und wie Recht Werner auch hatte, herrlich sein Pappnasen-Kommentar, genauso kenne und liebe ich ihn)….ich arbeite z.Zt. an einer Tommyknockers-RIP Folge mit 2 oder 3 cds, basierend auf den tracks, die ich mit Werner in der letzten Zeit ausgetauscht hatte…. demnächst, sobald ich es schaffe, in meinem 60s-Uncomped-Theater

    alles Gute Andreas and let’s take good care of our friendship!

  4. mischalke04 says:

    Die CDs sind eine schöne Idee Werner´s Werk in Erinnerung zu halten. Werner hat ja zuletzt selbst die EP “Töne gejagt und eingefangen” noch einmal separat, digital auf Spurensicherung vorgestellt, eine Auskopplung von Ronald Patrick Guttridge – Beat’n Heart, sozusagen aus PKP Vol.4.

    So wie mit Andy Nevison, werde auch ich mal gelegentlich versuchen die eine oder andere Scheibe aus den Prae-Kraut Veröffentlichungen gesondert vorstellen, mit guten Scans der Cover und Labels und Liner Notes von Werner.
    Eigentlich wäre das eine Aufgabe für eine ganze Reihe von Sammlern – die viel sachverständiger sein müssten, als ich. Aber die meisten Sammler sind sowieso zu faul und feige, oder labern sich lieber einen ab in irgendwelchen Foren.

    Vielleicht könnten ja wir beide was in der Richtung zusammen machen.

    Liebe Grüsse

  5. michaelvee says:

    .. Zusammenarbeit immer gerne Andreas, habe ich eben gestern auch seinem Kumpel Ralph Siemers vorgeschlagen, der sicherlich einen Teil von Werners Sammlung und seiner unvollendeten Projekte übernommen hat, we’ll see…

    halt steif und stay cool!

  6. Maurice says:

    Lyrics of Andy Nevison’s White Woman in a re-recording from the 1990s (with the Rhythm Masters)
    as you have it above, then:
    your eyes was turning black//
    Go find the guy that beat you up and ask him to take you back//
    Don´t roll your big blue eyes at me
    Don´t roll your big blue eyes at me
    I can tell that you been out on the street.
    It is plain that you’re lying when you say that you been crying
    don’t roll you big blue eyes at me.

    I used to spend my money darling,
    just to make you look real sweet
    I wanted to be proud of you
    when we walk down the street
    no one asked me to dress you up

    your eyes look like two cherries now
    in a glass of ???
    I can tell you been out on the street // Yes, it is plain that you’re lying // when you say you been crying // don’t roll your big blue eyes at me // take it away…

    I guess our little romance has finally simmered down
    you should have gone to the circus woman
    you make a real good clown
    your eyes look like a roadmap
    I am scared to smell your breath
    before you bleed to death
    don’t roll your big blue eyes at me
    i can tell that you been out on the street
    yes, it is plain that you’re lying…

  7. SPAMBOXER says:

    Ich habe diese Seite erst 2015 entdeckt, kann aber eine Ergänzung anfügen:

    Das Lied “White Woman (Don´t Roll Your Big Blue Eyes), 1966” ist eine Coverversion von “Don’t Roll Your Bloodshot Eyes At Me” von Wynonie Harris, mit dem er 1951 in den R&B-Charts war.
    Kann man sich auf youtube anhören.

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