KARL-HEINZ HANSEN, Das Wäsche-Miederwaren-Mannequin

kaskade-10004-frontkaskade-10004-backkaskade-10004-bkaskade-10004-aA record by  Karl-Heinz Hansen and his friend, cartoonist Hans Joachim Stenzel, was my second post in December 2007. New to blogging and even more to the Internet, I was still a little naive. I didn´t think that anybody would read what I wrote. And at first actually pretty much nobody did. Then in 2009, when I posted a  second record by Hansen, a flexible record on the local Okay Exquisit label, I got a little carried away and couldn´t help making fun of the music and the artists. I will not repeat what I wrote, but let´s just say that it wasn´t nice.

A short while later I got a brief but very angry mail from Hansen´s son.

Immediately I apologized and deleted the post and the download links.

Hansen´s son replied forgiving: “No hard feelings”. His teenage nephews had found the post when they were doing ancestry research about their unknown grandpa. He even gave me an okay to to re-up the post and the download link, if I would “trash his father a little less”.

But I was still ashamed. I felt really bad about carelessly writing bad stuff about somebody I didn´t even know. Especially a dead person. Since then I´ve gotten a lot more careful with what I write. And with the records I pick. As odd as they may seem, the records I post here, are records that I like.

So here´s another Karl-Heinz Hansen 45. The two songs, written by Hansen, advertise for Berlin department store Kaufhaus des Westens (“Department Store of the West”, usually abbreviated to KaDeWe,  the second-largest department store in Europe; trumped only by Harrods in London.) (Wiki)

Released on the small local Kaskade label, Hansen is backed by the Kaskade-Studio-Ensemble, led by Henry Bly.

Wäsche is undergarmets/lingerie and Miederwaren is corsetry and Manequin is model.

“I´m going to marry the lingerie-model…”

KARL-HEINZ HANSEN, Das Wäsche-Miederwaren-Mannequin

Tina and Karl-Heinz Hansen sing the Tauentzien-Song, about the Tauentzienstrasse, where KaDewe is located…


Im Juni 2010 schrieb ich über Karl-Heinz Hansen in der Jungle World einen kurzen Text: Sei nett im Internet!


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