HORST STEFFEN SOMMER, Vampirologie/ Lukullunarie, 1969

vampirologie-frontvampirologie-backt-76316-1t-76316-2Local Berlin singer-songwriter Horst Steffen Sommer was on a humorous mission to kill clichés. In the liner notes on the back of the sleeve he is described as “a notorious pain in the neck” and then quoted: ” I want people to realize that it´s nonsense to be creeped out. They should learn to laugh at all the clichés of what is creepy and disgusting.”

While fighting  the horrors of war, greed  and capitalism are still worthy causes, some people in the late 60s counter culture also tried to get rid of two-person relationships, the family and stereotypes. Those were hopeless endeavors. Sommer´s wish nevertheless fulfilled itself over time. Horror movies of the 1960s only make people laugh today.

The liner notes also mention an LP that was due to come out at the end of 1969. Maybe it never did.  Unfortunately none of his songs have ever been reissued. These are great weird songs  that  deserve a better spot in the pantheon of German musical weirdness.

Come on Jimmy, let´s eat a corpse/  Jimmy, come to the morgue/ Jimmy, the bones have gotten softer/ Jimmy, come to the funeral party…

HORST STEFFEN SOMMER, Lukullunarie, 1969

HORST STEFFEN SOMMER, Vampirologie, 1969

Recorded live at the Steve Club Berlin.

The record is signed on the inner sleeve:

“If your environment makes you feel out of place, courageously grin in its face.”

Best wishes to Monika and Arno

from  Horst Steffen Sommer, September 24th 1969

Liebe Monika, Lieber Arno,

ich habe eure Platte vor einigen Jahren hier in Kreuzberg auf einem Flohmarkt gekauft. Bitte meldet euch, ich schicke sie euch gern zurück.

Liebe Grüsse



One Comment on “HORST STEFFEN SOMMER, Vampirologie/ Lukullunarie, 1969”

  1. Herr Klaus says:

    Sehr, sehr cool. Danke für’s Ausgraben!

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