der-verrueckte-boogiegummi-mambo For many years, this record has been sitting in the attic at my brother´s house, where I still store some old stuff from when I was a teenager. It was on a visit to my brother last year, in that dusty attic, when I realized that I have been acquiring the same type of records that I present here since I was a child.

Like this Neckermann 45. In the mid 50s the Neckermann mail-order company tried to get a piece of the booming record market with their own short-lived budget label. Established in 1948,  Neckerman declared bankruptcy in 2012. Neckermann travel agency still operates today.

This record is perfect blog material: defunct budget label, anonymous band, 50 plus years old songs and never been reissued. Nobody knows this stuff exists. Nobody cares about it. I might as well claim to have created it.

The crazy Boogie…


German Version of Perez Prado´s Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White. Teddy Kraft on trumpet.

GROSSES TANZORCHESTER, Gummi Mambo ( Das ist die Liebe im Vorrübergeh´n)

3 Comments on “GROSSES TANZORCHESTER, Der verrückte Boogie”

  1. Marcel Kuster says:

    nice story

  2. ëRiC says:

    ganz GROßES KINO auf jeden Fall :D
    Defunct label? What do you mean? I like the artwork there. Esdepially the SCHALLPLATTE background. And the little rim from the centerpiece makes it look like the Neckermann writing has a drop shadow.

  3. mischalke04 says:

    defunct record company – out of business/ not existing any more.

    I like the hand drawn Neckermann logo.

    By the way, I posted another Neckermann record 4 years ago:

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