WIM EN ZIJN KRAFTIES, Kom Uit Je Bed, 1960

kraftone-107-akraftone-107-bThis Belgian 45 is centered around Kom van dat dak af, the first and most famous Dutch rock´n´roll HIT song, written and recorded by Peter Koelewijn en zijn Rockets in 1959. If you do not know the original version I urge you to go find it. It´s one of my favorite European rock´n´roll songs. By the way, just want to point out that the Twist and Frit´blog still offers a lot of thorough information, very nice record sleeves and even some cool tunes of  Belgian guitar groups of the 1960s.

When it came to real rock´n´roll screaming, none of the European rock´n´rollers came close to the likes of Little Richard in the 1950s. Except maybe the ones who just tried to parody rock´n´roll, like Wim and his Krafties, who recorded for the cheapo label Kraftone. Kraftone, a division of the Kraft cheese company, operated from 1960 to 1963 and was a typical variety label.

Anyway, both songs on this 45 are hilarious! The anonymous vocalist can´t sing and he doesn´t even try. He simply shouts at the top of his lungs in a wild approximation of rock´n´roll!!!

Now get outta your bed!


And get off the roof!

Kom van dat dak af, ‘k waarschuw niet meer
Neh, neh, neh, neh, neh, neh, kom van dat dak af
‘K waarschuw niet meer

WIM EN ZIJN KRAFTIES, Kom van dat dak af

Just because this sleeveless 45 doesn´t offer much visual stimulation I add this totally unrelated comic strip from 1964. It is also from Belgium though! And it is from my collection and drawn by my favorite Belgium cartoonist Marc Sleen.

I think the story pretty much explains itself…



3 Comments on “WIM EN ZIJN KRAFTIES, Kom Uit Je Bed, 1960”

  1. Klingt ja, als ob der Sänger sich bereits einige Duvels hinter die Binde gekippt hätte! Und jetzt weckt er die ganze Nachbarschaft auf !!!
    Viele Grüße
    Dein Asphalt Tiger

  2. mischalke04 says:

    Ha Ha! Stimmt genau.
    Liebe Grüße zurück

  3. Boogieman says:

    Tof! as we say in Brusseleir. The Kraftone records could be obtained once you ate enough Karft chesse. My parents force-fed me Kraft to acquire a stupid 45 rpm with Petite Fleur. I wanted rock and roll.
    By the way, the singer sounds very much like Ferry Barendse, a dutchman living in Belgium, former trumpet player in the Ramblers and vocalist extraordinaire who recorded a few parodic rock and roll in French (with a strong Dutch accent) sucj as “T’as le bonjour d’Alfred” , “Ca Rocke, ca va” AND A FEW OTHERS.

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