bei-uns-zu-Haus-frontbei-uns-zu-Haus-backbei-uns-zu-Haus-label This primitively packaged, one-sided flexi was a give-away for the customers of Edeka, Germany´s largest supermarket corporation.

Hamburg bandleader Erich Sendel (1917-1988) and his gang did their job, got paid and then immediately forgot about their creation. And everyone else with them. Nobody heard the happy little marching tune again, nobody missed it. For half a century this little genie has been locked up tight in a bottle.

So, here it is…

No longer lost in the supermarket…



DIE ROCKETS, Schlafe mein Prinzchen

die rockets-25031Here´s another one of those underrated German cheapo Dixieland tunes that I love so much. The flip is a schmaltzy Bob Gerry Schlager that I just didn´t care enough for, to record. Otherwise all the usual blog requirements: defunct budget label, anonymous band, 50 plus years old songs, never been reissued.

Mozart´s famous lullaby put through the Dixieland meat grinder….


DIE ROCKETS, Schlafe mein Prinzchen


RUTH FISCHER, Du bist noch viel zu jung für mich, 1958

ruth-fischer-whiteruth-fischer-black7-pal-1796As you might have noticed, I´ve been absent from this blog for a while. No specific reason, I just lost the weekly rhthm to post stuff and then had other things on my mind over the summer. But of course I kept buying records! I´ve got a whole box  of stuff that I will post in the coming weeks. Before I do that,  I´ll post a couple of records that were ready to post before I went on hiatus, this one is from May. Another reason I stopped posting was that I thought that the records on my wait list weren´t exciting enough.  Actually they´re not better or worse than anything I ever posted before. This one fits the bill: It´s not available in digital format elsewhere, the artist hasn´t been active for decades, and 50 years after it was recorded, I feel it´s fair to present it.

This one-sided flexible disc was made for the German Indanthren trademark association. Indanthren, or Indanthrone, is both a type of organic dye and a brand name.  The featured vocalist Ruth Fischer recorded about twenty sides for Electrola in the late 50s and early 60s. Accordingly the Electrola-Tanzorchester is also backing her on this swinging promotional song. While the arrangement is top-notch, the lyrics rather clumsily link teenage desire to the product:

You are still too young for me. Your mustache looks wimpy, so stop bragging (…)  I´ll be seventeen next year and I know what I want (…)  What do you have to offer, besides big talk and blue jeans? (…)  I want a manly, smart and true guy. A man as true and and “light fast” as Indanthren…

RUTH FISCHER, Du bist noch viel zu jung für mich