Shalom-4C-1Shalom-4C-2Shalom-4C-3Shalom-4C-47-F-65052-A7-F-65052-BThis is an EP that I found last week in the 50 cents bins of a local second hand record store. Didn´t even listen to it in the store, but was expecting some boring Christian music from the subtitle “Worte Jesu im Chanson“. What a surprise, when I put the needle on the record!  Of course, if I had read the liner notes more carefully, the name Peter Herbolzheimer would have rang a bell. No idea why such a highly acclaimed jazz musician contributed to a record that was meant to help “The advancement of the clerical professions”. In 1972, Herbolzheimer, together with Jerry van Rooyen and Dieter Reith, won the highest German medal of honour, the Bundesverdienstkreuz, for the opening score of the Olympic Games in Munich. Incidentally the three of them teamed up again for this record. Herbolzheimer died aged 74 in his hometown of Cologne on 27 March 2010

Despite the big names, these songs have never been re-released, obviously because they´re suffering from a severe case of Flandersitis.

But listen to the funk!




DER OVERBACHER JUGENDCHOR, Effatha, 1973Shalom-1Shalom-2Shalom-3Shalom-4Shalom-5Shalom-6shalomeine-kleine-bittewerbeantwortshalom-logo



3 Comments on “DER OVERBACHER JUGENDCHOR, Shalom, 1973”

  1. ewerybody says:

    Whow and now you need the 4 others too!? :D Or are they from other artists?

    But it’s a weird kind of funkyness! Isn’t it?…

    As I was raised in eastern germany I got the letter KIM from something else: there is was for “Kombinat Industrielle Mast”. My father used to work at a humongous pig farm facility just near or home village.

  2. mischalke04 says:

    I do have #1 in the KIM series too!

    Oh mann, lassma auf deutsch schreiben. Die erste KIM geht mehr in die Richtung traditioneller Jazz-Gottesdienst. Muss nochmal bei Gelegenheit reinhören.
    Und dann gab´s noch die funky KIM Zigarette!

  3. ewerybody says:

    hehee :D verständlich, dass mir so der Name “Kim” so echt komisch vorkommt, was? Wenn ich dabei immer an Schweinemast denken muss. Nachbarbetrieb der KIM, und auch tolle Abkürzung: SVKE (Schlacht Verarbeitendes Kombinat Eberswalde)… ähem. pardon.

    Der Funky KIM Zigaretten-Song is auch super! Danke! :]

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