FRED JASPER, Six Men Boogie Beat, 1956

GL-5006-A GL-5007-AFred Jasper was a Dutch Singer from Den Haag.  According to the Netherland Discography Site, he also operated a record shop in Leyweg 535b, Den Haag. Jasper started his recording career with three Rock´n´Roll 45s for the German mail-order company/department store label Qellux. I posted another rockin´ Quellux 45 a while back.

In 1962 Fred Jasper recorded a fine version of Tommy Roe´s Sheila in German for Electrola and in 1968 an even nicer version of Tom Jones´Delilah in Dutch. The same site states that he made his last record in 1980.  Apparently Fred Jasper died at an unknown date. If that is true, I assume it was before the advent of the Internet, because there is no info at all to be found.

Otherwise, the songs have all the usual blog requirements: not available in digital format elsewhere,  artist dead or no longer active, no reissue in 50 years.

FRED JASPER, Six Men Boogie Beat, 1956





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