THE ACCORDIONAIRES, Accordeon Rock and Roll

Q-1009-AQ-1009-BIn the 1950s, Rock´n´Roll was a force. Some brave accordionists were still holding their ground, not ready to give up the fight. But it was a losing game, loud electric guitars were taking the world by storm. Since then, they have more or less replaced acoustic instruments like accordions, recorders, zithers, cazoos and washboards in popular music.

The Accordionnaires, on the other hand,  tried to go with the times…




Found this Rose Records 45 in Vienna a couple of weeks ago. No idea when or where it was published. No trace of it in the digital world either. Obviously it´s never been reissued. About the only thing that popped up, when I searched for The Accordionaires on the Internet, was this music book.


rock-n-roll-party-book-1961 accordionaires



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