45-10-124-B45-B-1029-AI´ve been restricting myself to posting unreleased stuff that nobody else has ever digitized. Mostly material from small labels, but even major labels forget what´s in their catalogs. Especially major labels, because they´re so occupied with chasing the next big trend. Arthur Harris is such a forgotten artist.  He shares the name with Sir Arthur Harris, Marshal of the Royal Air Force, commonly known as “Bomber” Harris. The guy that flattened out Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin during the Second World War. But our Arthur Harris is another man, he just played piano and led an orchestra. The only other release that I could find on the Internet, is his Ariola LP “Arthur Harris His Piano And Orchestra – Nachts am Broadway“. The Mure in the song writing credit of Open Till Four, might be guitarist Billy Mure. But that´s just a guess.

Anyway, both tunes have never been re-issued in digital format and are not available anywhere else. The artists are unknown and nobody has cared to reissue the record in 50 years. I think it´s fair to present it

Open Till Four is a nice swinging instrumental…


Gau Gau Gaudeamus is the traditional song Gaudeamus Igitur, turned into a twist.

ARTHUR HARRIS, Gau Gau Gaudeamus

orange sundown



2 Comments on “ARTHUR HARRIS, Open Till Four”

  1. mischalke04 says:

    Thanks for helping out. But what label?. What state? Same name?

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