GESCHWISTER PREIN, Wann werden meine Träume wahr

mondano-106-a mondano-106-bThe tiny Mondano label from Dortmund released a bunch of 45s and probably LPs locally in the 60s and early 70s. Their biggest seller was Jens Hudek, who sold 120.000 copies of his LP “Show Express”. Hudek died in August 2014, aged 74.

Gustav A. Küper wrote both these songs and his name is on the address of some other Mondano releases, so I assume he was the owner of this operation. Küper released “Ahoi, alter Jonny” by “The singing Sailor” Fred Mauritz, Horst Strauss und die Mondenos´ ode to local football club “Borussia Marsch”, and Rudi Horn´s novelty 45  “Angelika Serenade/ Hunde-Ballade”.

For some strange reason the Geschwister Prein (Prein Sisters) appear only abbreviated and in brackets on the label. I chose to write their name in full, because it´s obviously a female duo singing on this record. They are backed by Hugo Köhler´s Studio-Group, who also backed Jens Hudek on his Mondano sides. Hugo Köhler died in 2008, aged 77, in Dortmund. No information about Geschwister Prein on the Internet, though.


GESCHWISTER PREIN, Wann werden meine Träume wahr

GESCHWISTER PREIN, Fern auf uns´rer Ranch




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